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Обитаемый остров

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Year 2157
The mankind's World of Noon
Armed with the Great
Theory of Upbringing
mankind forgot about
wars, hunger and terrorism
The nature had been revived
Breakthrough in medicine
saved people from illnesses
allowing to use hidden
resources of human body
Earthlings are
developing faraway planets
New generations rose for
whom search in deep space
is a routine matter
Young earthlings are
brave, strong and naive
They think they
can do anything.
Maxim, where are you? Maxim?
Hi, granny..
I want to ask you..
do you plan to
drop the university?
Four years of education
down the drain.
Why should I drop it?!
I'll return in two days.
How many times your have
been saying "in a two days"?!
I think you forgot
yourself in playing
How old are you now
- twenty or twelve?!
In twelve years old
people do not in the business
of doing the Free Search
And by twenty they
do not do it already
It's not a work for serious
man. Examinations are near..
You'll fail it! Mother got jitters. Father
got jitters. Did you phoned the father?
I will.
You will.
By the way, Lee from Shanghai
phoned you three times.
You confused girl's
mind and dashed.
Granny, will
your ever lay off?
Well then, firstly,
if you please
phone the father. He is nervous because
your are not preparing for the exams.
- how many times did your grandfather
asked you not to touch his belongings.
You didn't took his
watch, didn't you?
I didn't.
You didn't?!
And, at last, thirdly:
What a bore.
Mak.. sim..
Stop.. Stop.. Stop!.. Stop!..
Stop.. Stop.. Wait
a minute.. wait..
Relax.. relax.. stop.. stop..
Don't move..
Stay cool..
- hRelax.. N
- Hands behind the head!
- hRelax.. hRelax.. N
- Hands behind the head!
Behind the head!
Show me the ear..
Turn around!
Turn around!
I need a contact..
Do you have communications?
Go.. I'll show you
Give a meat to the convict..
The name?
Maxim Kammerer
From the Earth.
The mission?
Don't have one.
It's accident.
Try to recall something..
Try to recall one thing.
Do you understand or not?
Who is Bassarakhsh?
Think about one thing..
I need to see your scientists.
A contact..
- hDohyouhunderstand?N
- I do.
How do I write you down?
- hGal?N
- Nowise..
My last name is Gaal.
What a pity..
If it was Gal..
it could be typed as line.
Corporal Voleybogu..
Are travel documents
of corporal Gaal ready?
Yes, sir.
Type in escortee
Mak-sim there..
Sure, sir.
Corporal Gaal..
Yes, mr. captain?
Before coming to a duty
station in the capital..
bring the convoyee to address
aforesaid on this sheet
Yes, sir.
They are singing some
random patriotic-like song.
He have called him in a way
you call girl named Galja.
What's this?
It's the tower of
anti-ballistic defenses.
The tower
This is an enemy..
An explosion
The tower protects people from
an enemy.. from the death..
Do you understand, savage?
I do.
You are quick-witted.
This color of the sky.
It is the best.
It's degenerates.
Wait.. wait..
I need help..
Lead everyone away..
It's degenerates.
It's degenerates..
Degenerates. Massarakhsh.
Attention to the
Department of Information..
Routine stopping of
the fourth generator..
Instead of the fourth generator the
reserve fifteenth go into service.
Attention generator-dept..
Commutation in
30.5 time units..
Attention, users..
The information lines 35
and 36 work is unstable.
Engineers of the 6 and 3 blocks
do urgently contact the controller.
I am in position..
That's ok..
Go and bring him here.
Will yo be in time?
Yes I'll be in time, Nomad.
Take my badge.
Just in case..
Attention to employees
of fourth energy sector..
in connection with
the new conditions..
for external
territory usage mode..
Обитаемый остров

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