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and OFFICE KITANO Production
Now, I'll move the platform.
Hold your breath.
Please relax.
Masayuki MORI and Takio YOSHIDA
Lighting Design by
Hitoshi TAKAYA
Production Design by
Norihiro ISODA
Sound Design by
Line Producer:
Music by
Shin-ichiro IKEBE
Have you caught a cold recently?
Anyone in your family had cancer?
Written, Edited and Directed by
Takeshi KITANO
Tell him to come himself next time.
It all began
with a gangster film like this one.
10.000 yen cooperation fee every month?
Sign the contract?
You're full of shit, you dirty bastard.
That's right.
You refuse?
Damn right, you bastard.
Get out of town.
Gangster films like that
are what Kitano does best.
Of all things, this dumb director
in his interviews here and abroad
proclaimed never to make
another gangster film.
He's used to making gangster films
and had some box-office successes
but since he said he wouldn't
he simply can't make them anymore.
That said,
showing that violent scene
doesn't make much sense.
In a return to
more traditional Japanese cinema
like Ozu, idolized by directors
like Wim Wenders,
Kitano decided to shoot
the life of the common folk.
A heart-warming drama
with no violence.
Happy Retirement.
From tomorrow
you can do as you like.
Working for that company was everything.
I don't know what to do now.
Why? You have your wife.
You could do something for her.
Where's Mr. Takagi today?
We were drinking till just now
but he took off.
He probably thought
you should go home early today.
Sure you only want tea?
Yes. I already ate.
Happy Retirement.
Where's Akiko?
Not home yet.
She's late.
I wonder what happened.
She always calls
when she's going to be late.
What's the matter?
I'll go and check.
Something must have happened at the office.
But she's not a child anymore.
Is something wrong?
Who wants to see
a boring film spending 30 minutes
on just drinking liquor and tea!
Nowadays, terms like "common folk"
and "sentiments" don't count much.
What remains
are only the filthy rich and the poor.
Anyway, that man didn't look like
a retiring, hard-working office worker.
More like an illiterate laborer!
And compared to Ozu's works
the film was also criticized
for "lacking class."
For mainstream appeal,
a love story is a must.
Kitano has not yet
made a tearjerker love story.
That's it! That's what he can do!
The idea was by a screenwriter
we knew.
It's the story
of a man who loses his memory
and the woman devoted
to helping him regain it.
A story of love...
Remember this place?
I came here with my friends
when I was a student.
We knew from where
the Jomon Period was derived,
but we had no idea
about the origins of the Yayoi Period.
You were standing nearby.
"It's named after the town
where a shell mound was found."
That's what you told us.
We were convinced
you worked at the museum.
You showed us around here
all day after that.
Only later did you tell me
that you didn't work here.
You were just here on your day off.
But the screenplay
was missing its second half.
We asked the writer about it.
He said he had lost his memory.
The project was aborted.
To begin shooting
without a complete script
was absolutely ridiculous,
and Kitano was again scolded.
But he didn't give up
on making a tearjerker.
Then came the story of the artist,
blinded in an accident, and his student
who helps him become
the artist he once was.
A moving love story.
The rain has turned
the sky and sea gray.
We can come here on a sunny day.
The screenplay was flawless to the end.
But the production designer said
he had no idea
how a painting by a blind artist should look.
We discussed it, but no one knew.
The project was aborted.
Why all these films
about women so devoted to men?
Why not make
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