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AgeevAlexei Podolsky
- Aren't you cold?
- No
- Here, come on
- Oh, don't
No "don'ts", it's turned cold already,
it's windy
Pyotr Mamonov
Oh, l like it
- Gran...
- Gran what?
Take a closer look at it.
lt's party wear. . .
Gleb Mikhaylov
Come here please
Help me pick something
for my grandson
Something refined
Larisa Pyatnitskaya
lt's out of fashion,
can't you see, Alyosha?
What d'you mean, out of fashion?
lt's the height of fashion
Of course l don't know what youngsters
wear these days, but it's no good
Psoy Korolenko
lt's small for you, and the picture's
really shocking. No, absolutely not
Alyosha, take it off at once
Dmitry Pimenov
This one's too warm.
Take it off, Alyosha
And it won't keep the rain out
Yes, it won't keep the rain out
Alexei Ageyev
l won't even look at that one, Alyosha
lt's a bit on the short side
Lyolik Ushkin
lt's ladies wear
Ladies wear? People wear these, it's
not ladies wear. See, suits you fine. . .
lt's unisex, a universal t-shirt
Now, l agree - a universal t-shirt
And you can wear it all seasons
my son. Winter, summer
Hi, scallywag
Dropped by for a moment,
not busy, are ya?
Seen the new video of. . .
. . .oh, that funny little guy.
Oh, you know who
What, don't you watch telly?
Yeah, l do
Then how come you haven't seen it?
- You must have
- Maybe l have
Well, you've either seen it or not
l don't know
l haven't watched it all, either
Wanted to find out from you how it ends
Shame you haven't seen it
But l think their last one was better
Hey, what's the time?
Around half nine, l guess
Sugar! l'm running late.
See you later
See you later
Good bye, Nina lvanovna
Hitler's corpse is kept in the KGB's safe
Under the Kremlin a city found,
inhabited by boblins and goblins
Luzhkov and Zhivanetsky are brothers
You're my man
l'm a sex-machine...
Alyosha, get up
Time to go to work
Come on, get up, my boy
Eat up, my boy
And take more sugar in your tea.
lt's good glucose
Where are you going?
Eat it up - you'll be out all day
Now, that's better
..lf it all goes well, these gentlemen will
explain everything to you afterwards
Ah, you're here. Take off your gown
and sit down
All right. What's your vision like?
Minus five, it used to be
Ah, that's quite poor... Well, OK
Don't twist your head like that
Take your t-shirt off
Do some squats like in PE at school
That's enough
- No reactions to any drugs?
- Don't think so
This is a questionnaire. Choose
an answer and mark it with a cross
- l'm not finished yet.
- Give it to me
What on earth have you written here?
l asked you to mark it with crosses,
not write words
- Can l do it again?
- Don't bother. Get dressed
Hello, Alexei Victorovich
l've been looking forward to meeting you...
My name is Pavel Andreyevich
l work at the Federal Security
Service Special Department
As you may have realised,
we've approached you for a reason
We've a very serious matter to discuss
Here you are - a young worker,
probably poorly paid
Life costs a lot these days.
Must have loads of reasons to worry
Huh, dunno, don't really spend
that much
Why, let's face it, we're well informed
that most of the country's population
lives in poverty
But Alexei Victorovich, tell us
honestly... without being sly
Do you love the Motherland?
Don't hurry. Have a think
Today's youth frequently go to
all kinds of extremes
Some try to copy the West all the time -
in clothes, music, mass movements
That really hurts, because Russia's
always been a country
with great science and culture
We've always had a lot to teach
the rest of the world
But instead of surprising the world
with our achievements
many young people waste their time
on all sorts of trash
The other extreme is a falsely
understood feeling of patriotism
When young people get too radical
in fighting "foreigners"
thinking they're defending

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