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Сто дней после детства

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MontrealMosfilm presents
Second Art Co-op
A.Aleksandrov, S.Solovyov
Stage director: Sergei Solovyov
Chief operator: Leonid Kalashnikov
Art director: Aleksandr Borisov
Composer: I.Shvarts
Producer: O.Grigorovich
Camera: S.Khizhnyak
V.Krachkovskiy, V.Bakhmatskiy
Conductor: M.Ermler
Editing: A.Abramova
Costumes: L.Kusakova
Make-up: I.Kireyeva
Script editor: L.Shmuglyakova
Music editor: M.Blank
Stunt operator: V.Komarinskiy
Producer's assistants:
V.Brusnika, L.Serganova
Camera assistants:
A.Korotkov, N.Kafengauz
Gaffer: V.Skorobogatov
Photography: B.Baldin
Executive producer: Boris Gostynskiy
A Hundred Days After Childhood
- Your attention please!
This is the radio centre of the pioneer
camp "Forest Island."
Today at 10 o'clock camp time
each pioneer troop will hold a meeting.
Everyone's presence will be required.
Thank you for your attention.
- How was that?
- Pretty good.
- Sorry, my diction is not that great.
- Why? I don't think so.
- And that's us, over there.
The 1st troop.
Are you our counsellor?
- Yes... though, you see,
it's not what I normally do.
You see, I'm a sculptor by profession,
not at all an educator.
And because of that you all
kind of scare me.
- Eh, don't worry. Give it a few of days
and everything will be just fine.
- I hope so.
Listen, do you know everyone here?
- No, not all. I know a few
from last year.
Some I know from school,
but many are newbies.
- So, could you tell me... you know...
...a few words about those you do know.
Sort of a quick "who is who."
- Who is who? Oh sure.
"Who is who"
"Day One"
- Except my eyesight is not that good,
so I normally use the binoculars.
- Binoculars? That's cute.
- Where to begin? For example,
at the piano, that's Zagremukhina.
Seven years of music education,
but loves the Dog Waltz best of all.
Can you hear?
- Yeah, I can hear.
- And over there, that's her confidante.
- Confidante?
- Yeah, confidante. Over there.
- Lena Yergolina.
Extremely educated and all that.
Can read in three languages,
and doesn't seem to like anything.
- Why is that?
- Who knows? Strain or something...
She likes the Dog Waltz, too.
They're good at that. Virtuosos...
Ah, Lopukhin! He's a nutbar, that one.
- A what?
- A nutbar.
- I see you're still an idiot.
Year after year, without any change.
- Yeah, well, so are you.
- Oh, that's clever.
- Doing my best.
- Forget it, Bramble. Don't get involved.
- That's Furikov, in a hat. See?
- I do.
- Dark genius.
- How so?
- No reason. May I?
- And that's Lebedev, Sasha.
Will do anything for an adventure.
- Oh yeah? Could pass for an angel.
- Yep, that's him. An angel of adventure.
- Who's that sitting?
- Lunyov.
He's the oldest one here.
Beautiful mind.
But Sasha Lebedev is pure gold.
- Got it.
- Lopukhin, how old are you?
- Fourteen, why?
- No reason.
I was born with heart of passion;
I love to spend my time with friends...
Or waste it in some other fashion
like drinking till the evening ends.
- What do you mean by that?
- Oh, that's not mine.
It's by Lermontov, Mikhail Yuriyevich.
When he wrote these verses,
he had just turned fourteen himself.
At that time, with a touch of frivolity,
you could simply call him "Mishka."
Or, rather, Michel, as he was known then.
Fairly pedestrian either way, right?
- No idea.
What's so great about those verses,
anyway? Drinking and stuff...
I can come up with something like that.
Furikov, he can for sure.
- What?
- Seriously. You totally can.
- Oh, very funny.
- Or how is this:
He set out on a journey boring,
wrapped tightly in a cloak he wore.
The coach's bell, its voice imploring,
rang, rang, and then was heard no more.
Though he's already fifteen in that one.
Quite a difference, isn't it?
- I don't find.
- Too bad.
- Kids! Enough messing around.
Can we begin now?
- We can.
- Hello, children.
- Hello.
- We can do better. Hello, children!
- Hello!
- Very good.
- Can
Сто дней после детства

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