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LENFILM studio
Famous detective
Sherlock olmes,
with the help of his friend
doctor Watson penetrated
into the den of the villainous
extortioner Milverton
and burned down the papers that
the villain used for blackmail.
By coincidence
on that same night
Milverton was murdered.
his incident has stirred the
criminal world
and made extremely risky
Based on stories by
Borislav Brondukov
Victor Evgrafov
Alexander Zakharov
Boris Klyuev
Nikolai Kryukov
Alexei Kozhevnikov
Ignat Leirer
I. Andronnikov
A. Podshivalov
Y. Eller
Dima Khrilyev and others.
I've got an excellent collection
starting with the letter ''M''.
Morgan - a poisoner.
Merridew, who left behind
a collection of scalps.
Mortimer - cocainist
and murderer.
Mrs. Medoc - a bloody
jealous avenger.
he guy who knocked out my
left canine tooth
at the waiting hall
at Charringcross Station.
hose are all shadows of
the past, that
can only be brought back to life
with the power of your pen.
And this is a different
hese people caught my attention
for only just one instant,
however I kept their cards
for my fiiles.
Who for instance?
For instance, Moran Sebastian.
Retired colonel.
Served in the First Bengalore
fiield-engineer regiment.
he son of Sir Moran,
holder of the Order of the Bath,
former British envoy to
Graduated from Eton College
and Oxford University.
Was a signaller in the Jovak
and Ardennes campaigns.
- You haven't met him there by
chance, have you? - No.
Also in Cheresiam & Cherpur
campaigns. An expert shot.
Author of ''unting Big Prey
in Western imalayas''
and ''hree Months in the
Member of the Anglo-Indian,
ankerville and ''Bagatel'' clubs.
Well, that's a biography of an
honest soldier.
Yes. And never the less
opposite his name I wrote:
''he most dangerous man
in London''.
Up to a certain point Moran
did not arise any suspicion.
In India they still tell
the legend
about him crawling along the
bottom of a dried brook
to save a man from the claws of
an enraged wounded tiger.
You know, Watson, there are
these trees
that grow the way they should
up to a certain point.
And then all of a sudden
they start developing
ugly abnormal deviations.
- hat happens with people too.
- Yes.
Colonel Moran stepped on a
vicious path.
Without any obvious reason
he turned everyone in India so
much against himself,
that he had to leave London
and retire altogether.
I don't see anything criminal
in that.
Do you remember the strange
death of Mrs. Stewart
from Lauder? In 1887.
I'm sure he has the most direct
relation to that death.
- Why are you so sure?
- It's a long story.
Want to see what he looks
I wonder what you say when you
see him.
Physiognomic analysis is worth
something in our line of work.
- But where? - At the club
''Bagatel'' of course.
Make your bets, gentlemen.
No more bets.
- e is not here?
- e's here all right.
One of the 12.
Port and ''he imes''.
- Want a hint?
- No.
I know some of those
he one on the left is
Godfry Milmer.
A furrier, suffering
from gout.
I haven't personally treated
his partner Lord Belmoran,
but everyone knows him.
At the next table sits
Mr. Murray, sciatica.
he one nearest to us is
sir John ardy.
Sturdy as a bull, but wife
suffers from constant neuralgia.
I beg your pardon, gentlemen,
I'll leave you for a minute.
We hope you won't be long,
Mr. Carlisle.
Dear Watson,
I have to meet with the man
who wrote this note.
Proceed with your physiognomic
We'll share our impressions
at home.
You lost, gentlemen!
- Congratulations, Sir Ronald.
- Aren't you mistaking, colonel?
See for yourself.
I don't have my travelling-bag
with me.
I would kindly ask you to

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