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Снежная королева

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Snip, snap...
Snip, snap, snourre...
pourre, bazelourre.
There're all kinds of people
in this world: shoemakers,
blacksmiths, school kids...
I'm a storyteller, for example.
And all of us - the blacksmiths,
the shoemakers and the storytellers
have got a job to do.
We all help one another.
If I hadn't been born,
no one would have ever known
what happened to a chimney-sweep
made out of porcelain,
or to a little boy
named Kay who was...
But wait... tsssst!
Today I'm going to tell the story
of the Snow Queen.
It's a strange story, sometimes
merry and sometimes sad.
Yes, it is sad... but happy!
There're two children in it,
a boy and a girl - my students.
This is Kay. You think
he only knows how to play?
No, he knows how to add
and subtract,
to multiply and divide,
even fractions!
And here's Gerda.
She's a very brave girl.
Even though she's afraid of frogs.
But that's the only thing in
the whole world that frightens her.
I know a great many stories!
But I get tired
ofjust telling them.
So today I'm going to show you
a story for a change,
and I'm going to take part
in these wonderful adventures.
After all, it's my story and I can
do whatever I want with it.
I'll challenge the counselor
to a duel.
I'll run him clean through.
I'm lucky that I've got a gun,
because I'll be running up
against a lot of bandits.
Of course, this thing doesn't shoot.
But that's lucky too. I just can't
stand stories with noise in them.
Well, let's begin our story.
Snip, snap, snourre!
Pourre, bazelourre!
Screenplay by Yevgeny SCHWARTZ
Based on the story by Andersen
Directed by Gennady KAZANSKY
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by Nadezhda SIMONYAN
V.NIKITENKO as Storyteller
Lena PROKLOVA as Gerda
Slava TSIUPA as Kay
Ye. MELNIKOVA as Grandmother
N. KLIMOVA as Snow Queen
N. BOYARSKY as Counselor
Ye. LEONOV as King
I. GUBANOVA as Princess
G. KOROLCHUK as Prince
O. VIKLANDT as Robber Chief
E. ZIGANSHINA as Robber Girl
V. TITOVA as Inkpot
Someone's walking up the steps.
It must be Grandma.
Let's hide from her!
We'll give her a big surprise.
What sort of ridiculous
shenanigans are these?
What is it, I ask you! You are
very badly behaved children!
Sorry, sir, we're very
well behaved.
Well behaved children:
A, don't crawl around.
B, nor do they scream "boo, boo".
C, they don't bark, "arf, arf',
D, they never throw themselves
upon visitors.
But we thought you were our
Fools! I'm certainly not your
Are these real garden roses?
- Grandmother!
- Did you miss me?
Look, Grandma!
I've come on a business matter.
Do you know who I am?
No, I have not had that honor, sir.
I'm a very wealthy man.
That's why I was named by the king
as his commercial counselor.
Ice, cellars of ice, ice boxes,
they're all mine.
Ice has made me rich!
I can buy whatever I like.
I'm here to buy your roses.
- Do you like flowers so much?
- I despise them.
I like rarities.
That's what's made me so rich.
In summer ice is a rarity,
so summer is when I sell it.
In winter roses are a rarity.
I'm prepared to cultivate them.
So, what is your price?
I'm so sorry, sir, that you've
come all this way for nothing.
Those flowers are not for sale.
- They certainly are for sale!
- Oh no, they are not!
- I tell you they're for sale!
- Not for anything in the world!
Take this piece of gold.
Go on and take it!
- I won't do it!
- Here's another.
- No!
- Take three then!
Five! That's not enough either?
Ten! That'd last you a long time,
you and those brats of yours.
These children are little angels.
How much do you want then,
you miserly old woman?
These flowers were a gift of
a storyteller,
the teacher of my children.
And presents are never for sale.
You're a foolish old woman,
and silly to boot.
As for
Снежная королева

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