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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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DR. WATSON - VitaIy SoIomin
Mrs Hudson - Rina ZeIenaya
Irina Kupchenko, Nikita MikhaIkov,
AIIa Demidova, SvetIana Kruchkova
AIexandr Adabashian,
BorisIav Brondukov
Sergei Martinson, Evgeny StebIov
OIeg Yankovsky
O.BeIov, D.Bessonov, O.PaImov
A.Hudeyev, R.Chirov and others
WeII, Watson, what do you make
of this stick?
I beIieve you have eyes
in the back of your head.
My dear friend, if you read my treatise
on organs of perception of detectives...
...you wouId know that they have got speciaI
heat receptors at the tips of their ears.
Which is to say I do not have eyes
in the back of my head.
He can see your refIection
in the coffee-pot.
To James Mortimer, M.R.C.S.,
from his friends of the C.C.H...
...and the date ''1884''.
What do you make of
the owner of the stick?
I think that Dr. Mortimer
is an eIderIy medicaI man.
I suppose he is...
...a country practitioner.
- Why so?
Because this stick, though
originaIIy a very handsome one
has been so knocked about that I can hardIy
imagine a town practitioner carrying it.
And then again, there is the engraving.
I shouId guess that the Ietters ''C.H.''
probabIy stand for the IocaI...
...hunting cIub.
Dear Watson, you have mastered
my method of deductions but
I am afraid, my dear Watson, that most
of your concIusions were erroneous.
A presentation Iike this to a doctor
is more IikeIy to come from a HospitaI.
The Ietters 'C.C.H.'
make me think of
''Charing Cross HospitaI''.
- You may be right, you may be right.
- Let's move a step forward.
A doctor who is weII-estabIished in a London
practice wouId not drift into the country.
More IikeIy he was a house-surgeon
or a senior student.
He Ieft London 5 years ago -
the date is on the stick.
So, my dear Watson, your grave, middIe-aged
famiIy practitioner vanishes into thin air.
And there emerges an amiabIe
young feIIow...
under thirty, unambitious,
As onIy an absent-minded man couId
wait a whoIe hour in our room
and then Ieave his stick.
And he...
...is very fond of his dog.
Judging by marks of its teeth
on the stick...
it is Iarger than a terrier...
...and smaIIer than a mastiff.
As to the Iatter part, there are
no means of checking it.
EIementary, my friend. It is
a curIy-haired spanieI.
- A spanieI? Did you say a curIy-haired
spanieI? - ExactIy, a spanieI.
You insist on it being a spanieI?
Mr. HoImes, your yesterday's
visitor is here.
Yesterday he Ieft his stick and today
he has brought his dog with him.
I am so very gIad!
I was not sure whether I had Ieft
it here or in the Shipping Office.
- A presentation?
- Yes.
- From Charing Cross HospitaI? - From my
coIIeagues on the occasion of my marriage.
Dear, dear, that's bad.
I had hardIy expected,
so doIichocephaIic a skuII
or such weII-marked
supra-orbitaI deveIopment.
Your skuII wouId be an ornament
to any anthropoIogicaI museum.
I am fIattered.
I consider you the second highest
expert in Europe...
Indeed, sir! May I inquire
who has the honour to be the first?
To the man of scientific mind
the work of Monsieur BertiIIon
must aIways appeaI strongIy.
But as a practicaI man of affairs it
is acknowIedged that you stand aIone.
I trust, sir, that I have not
Just a IittIe.
I have in my pocket a manuscript.
It is an oId manuscript.
EarIy eighteenth century,
unIess it is a forgery.
Amazing! How can you say that, sir?
You have presented
an inch or two of it
...to my examination aII the time
that you have been taIking.
I put that at...
...17 40.
- The exact date is 17 42!
This is a famiIy treasure.
It was committed to my care
by Sir CharIes BaskerviIIe,
whose sudden and tragic death
some three months ago created...
...so much excitement in Devonshire.
I was a personaI friend
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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