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ENDSerge Zilberman
Jeanne Moreaux
Mama's not home.
Nobody home.
Everyone's gone.
I'm all alone.
Nobody home.
- What's your name?
- Serezha.
Nobody home.
Good-bye, child.
Are you sure there's nobody else?
Absolutely nobody.
I can't open the door.
Little boy, I really wanted
to see Vera Ivanovna.
Mama's never coming back.
She died.
There's nobody here.
I can't open the door.
A long time.
She died.
She's never coming back.
Come back!
It's me!
You came back. It's impossible -
she came back.
Come in, come in.
Besides earth, water, air and fire
we must keep in mind
another element - money.
These people stole electricity.
A short circuit resulted in a fire,
the commode burned down.
Inside were photographs and letters,
I don't know what else.
It was a very fine commode.
It stood near the window...
It was a real fire.
Everything burned.
Absolutely everything.
Do you recognize it -
this was the commode.
I mean your commode.
But when Maria Alexandrovna died...
in her will, she...
left the commode to me.
It is a... a very fine commode.
We kept produce in the top part.
We shared it with the neighbor.
She kept potatoes in her drawer,
and I kept dried fruit.
What was in the lower part?
It was a very convenient commode.
Because when you enter the kitchen,
there's a drawer right there for you.
Right, the commode burned down,
I understand.
Then there was a fire.
The commode burned and
everything inside it burned.
But what was in the lower drawer?
I'll tell you.
The other drawer contained letters,
documents, photos
belonging to Maria Alexandrovna,
yout mother.
I already know that you stole
electricity, there was a fire.
No need to raise yuor voice!
You see, when Maria Alexandrovna died...
the will said...
the commode and everything inside...
belongs to us.
And in case you came back...
She left it to us, and if
you came back...
The commode burned and
everything inside it burned.
I know.
No need to raise your voice!
The wire caught fire,
like we told you.
The fire traveled to the commode.
The wood was old, it flared up.
We weren't home.
Yes, we planted a "bug" -
our neighbor did it.
We asked him and he did it.
He knows how to do it.
We were stealing electricity,
as you put it, from the state.
Precisely a year before
your mother's death
I gave her a wad of money wrapped
in a newspaper, 1000 rubles.
Our neighbor knows how to do it.
And we stole electricity,
as you put it, from the state.
We were forced to do it.
Because we...
You don't know all the circumstances.
It was a very fine commode.
We divided it in half.
- We were forced to do it...
- Potatoes on one side...
We're already on a tight budget...
We had no choice!
It was a very convenient commode.
Yes, she can tell you.
And suddenly your mother dies,
and leaves us your commode,
with all the documents -
but no money!
What do you make of that!
Maybe you owe us the money!
The girl came home,
took out the top key
to open the door -
she always locked the top lock -
but this time she locked the
bottom lock - and remembered...
that she had locked
the bottom lock.
Then she had the subtlest idea!
Absolutely subtlest!
Perhaps she will catch off-guard
the one who...
But he, thinking that she
will not remember -
thinking that she will go
for the top lock -
made sure the door was locked
with the top lock.
Then she, opening the top lock,
could remember
that she had locked
the bottom lock.
Then he would be discovered
and she would know
that he exists and is active.
But that would have been
an obvious error.
And he would not permit that.
But there must be something
left of my mother's!
Duvets, pillowcases, a towel, a curtain...
- There's also a photograph...
- ...another towel...
No dark spots.
Give it back, this minute!
This is all that's left of your mother.
It's made from real horn.
From the future horn
of our Alexander

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