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- Run!
- Leave it, Listvitsky, you'll just make things worse...
- Go home...
- Allah is gracious, Anwar-effendi. Welcome to Vidin.
There's blood on your sleeve. Have you injured yourself?
- I had to kill a Russian prisoner. He had seen my face.
I can't take risks. The stakes are too high.
Destroy the plate now!
- Don't you worry. Right this moment. Everything will be done.
Bring the photoplate into my study.
I'll destroy it personally.
Please, come into the house, Anwar-effendi.
Everything had been prepared as you wished.
- E2-E4...
- Will you not take a look at the board again? E7-E5...
- G2-G3...
- You are sacrificing the pawn, Effendi. But the laws of
hospitality do not permit me to take advantage of your negligence.
- Yusuf-pasha, the game of chess is like the game of war. And no
laws are applicable to war... Make your move, the pawn is yours.
- Where are the sentries?
- Please meet Colonel Ismail-bey, the personal aide-de-camp
of Field-Marshal Osman-pasha...
- I'm not familiar with details of your mission,
but you are a legendary man.
- I think I'll take your pawn anyway...
- Well now... You must make this move, I'll make another...
You move here - it's the only option you have.
And that's it, Honorable Yusuf-pasha, your game is lost.
And all because of a tiny pawn.
It's called 'gambit' - sacrificing the unimportant
to gain initiative. I'll do same to Russians.
Tomorrow Osman-pasha will capture Pleven
and flank the Russian troops.
Russians will attack Pleven and will be stuck there
for a long time. The offensive will be stopped.
- Of course, when Anwar-effendi himself takes
matters in hands there's no need to worry.
However, Effendi, it's time to pray.
Please proceed to this room - it's windows face Mecca.
FANDORIN (thinking):
- July the 2nd?... Well, it's today...
Osman-pasha flanks the Russian army
and captures Pleven...
Russians will move towards Pleven and will be stuck there
for an indefinite time - the offensive will be stopped...
It's called 'gambit' - sacrificing the unimportant
to gain initiative...
It's no less than 160 km from Vidin to Pleven...
Damn... Time to hurry...
- I told you it's a girl in disguise...
- She's with me. Take this...
Mademoiselle, mademoiselle...
You should have waited for your fianc back home.
It's no Mayne Reid novel. The place is swarming with bashi-bazouks.
- But how?.. I mean, who told you...
- No suntan - it's one.
I can see the hair from under your hat - it's t-two.
Why would a Russian lady want to try get secretly into the army?
Romantic considerations. That's t-three.
The man with mustache that accompanied you and then disappeared
- was he your g-guide?
- Yes.
- And you naturally left all your possessions with him?
- Yes.
- Pretty stupid. That's four.
- Who are you? Where are you from?
- Erast Petrovich Fandorin. A Serbian volunteer. I have escaped from Turks.
- Varya... Suvorova Varvara Andreyevna.
Nice to meet you.
- What am I to do with you
Varvara Andreyevna Suvorova?
We need one more means of transportation...
- I need a donkey.
- 10 lira... - I don't have any money...
- Where's the donkey?
- One more time! - Donkey!
- I said, one more time!
White ears, red saddle.
- White ears, red saddle. Alright...
- You won the beast, didn't you? What's in your pocket? A revolver, yes?
- Unfortunately, my pocket is empty.
- And what if you haven't scared him off - that one with a bad eye?
- I never gamble with a person who can't be scared...
- But you had no money. What did you gamble on?
- You.
- ME?! You... you are an dishonorable rascal!
- I never lose when I gamble.
That's why I don't gamble at all. No fun...
- Snob!.. Arrogant snob!..
- You're comfortable? Use my robe.
- Don't you dare intruding my privacy!!!
If you think you are Don Quixote, I'm
no Sancha Panza. Give this mule to me!
Look at me, when a lady is talking to you!!!
- Get on the donkey.

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