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Easy, easy...
Calm down...
It's over, it's over...
It's over.
You saved me.
Saved me again.
If not,they would have killed me.
Killed me...
Scream louder, next time.
If I don't hear you,
they'll kill you.
Weren't you asleep?
Not anymore.
I love you.
Where are you, now?
I see trees.
There's a path... a path.
Are you still over there?
The sun...
Where is it?
It's beautiful.
Am I over there, too?
I'm all alone.
All alone.
It's raining.
Don't catch cold.
It feels good.
You should have dressed.
I see the path, too.
Now, I see you...
We'd better go.
They're coming this way.
Come here!
You know Alexei?
He's second year.
Send him over here.
OK, I'll go.
Go on, it's OK.
Tell him his father is here.
Hi, there.
Go on! One, two!
Show some spirit!
Don't stop!
Go on!
What are you doing?
Hey, Dad!
Sorry, they keep close watch.
I know.
They could kick us out.
Did something happen?
I just wanted to see you.
And nothing more?
What a smile!
You don't look well.
I'm fine. Just your imagination.
My imagination?
Go on.
I don't want to bother you.
Don't you want to watch practice?
Let's go.
By the way...
I saw your xrays.
You don't have any spots
on your lungs.
You're in good health. Glad?
I thought you'd be glad.
I am.
You know...
They teach us how to read xrays.
Go to practice.
I'll come and watch.
In a few minutes, OK?
Well, I'am leaving.
Have you seen Danilov?
He's on duty in the barracks.
That's a pity.
What are you doing there?
You can't stay there!
You listened to everything?
I heard your father.
So you saw him?
The exam's on Monday.
Today is Saturday.
You could have come to see me.
You're on duty.
That never stopped you before.
I asked you to forgive me!
It's forgotten.
I just needed to be alone.
So why didn't you tell me?
Why not?
You always move ahead alone...
Without me.
Without me.
I understand now.
You're afraid of something else.
Afraid your father thinks
he's a bother.
You take his side.
Why can't I love both of you?
Why not?
I really need to go.
You have someone else.
Think what you like.
With him...
Is it better than with me?
It's not the same.
He's older. You're still a boy.
You and I have the same age.
Women are always older.
I want to see him.
What are you saying?
What for?
That's enough!
Fall into pairs!
First exercise!
Let's go!
The bag's here.
It's my washing.
Hey, there.
Are you hungry?
I ate at the canteen.
Was it good?
I guess it was.
What's that?
Your portrait.
It's for scaring children.
Scaring children...
Why's that?
It's still a photo.
Just a little more revealing.
You're not hiding
behind clothes...
Nor your muscles.
That's clear.
I think muscles are
an exaggeration.
What are you saying?
You admit you worked out.
You worked out...
Where are you going?
That was when I was your age.
Where's my ball?
Why didn't you change?
Don't stay in your uniform!
I don't feel like changing...
You're the beautiful one.
You're like a tree.
Your legs are the roots.
Your chest is like a trunk.
Your arms are the branches...
Sasha, have you eaten?
Yes, thanks.
Looking for something?
I found it and ate it. Gotta go!
On your way out?
Wait! Where are you going?
Got something to say?
You didn't come by school today
for nothing.
I don't want to talk about
that now.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Do you like Tchaikovsky?
You and me... We're so...
You're the next in line.
I'm behind you.
That's your answer to
all my questions?
Not all questions have answers.
You know what the saints say?
About a father's love?
The saints? Love?
Have you been reading?
A father's love...
A loving son
lets himself be crucified.
I don't even get
the meaning of that.
Go to bed, OK.
And change clothes, please.

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