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The Leningrad Order of Lenin
Film Studio LENFILM
The land-mine rattles as heavy bass
The fire fountain has struck
Bob Kennedy is on a dancing spree
"But why should I care about any of you?
 If don't care about me..."
The earth cracks as an empty nut
The armour flies in flinders
And Bob is laughing crazily
"But why should I care about any of you?
 If don't care about me..."
But a fatal bullet has entered his flesh
At dawn... right between his eyes
And yet he cries before he's set free:
"But why should I care about any of you?
Ten to one... He's a novice.
 He is afraid...
 Shut up!
This is the most important part.
Its the last inch that counts.
Based upon the story by James Aldridge
Screenplay by L.Belokurov
Theodor Vulfovich, Nikita Kurikhin
Director of Photography
Music by M.Vainberg
Lyrics by M.Sobol
Sound Editor G.Salie
Underwater shootings by
Slava Muratov as Davy
Nikolay Kryukov as Ben Ansley
M.Gluzsky as Mr. Jifford
A.Agaev as a cafe owner
M.Dzhani-Zade as a mechanic
A.Rozanov as a doctor
Orchestra of Electronic Music
Art Director I.Vorovich
Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad Radio
onductor .Vladimirtsov
 It's look like nothing happened.
 Nobody talks about it.
Listen... Davy..!
In a day or two, you'll need
to leave for the States.
But why?
 Dont ask silly questions.
 I don't want to live with grandma.
There are no jobs here. I can find something
faster if youre not with me.
 But youre a pilot, arent you?
 I was.
It's not true! Everybody knows
what kind of pilot you are.
But what you do, isnt that work?
This job was just an accident.
Youre flying with Mr. Jifford today,
arent you?
 Do you help him underwater too?
 Be quiet.
 You promised youd take me with you.
 I did, whenever I could.
 Can I go with you today?
 The planes got only two seats.
To Anna Ansley, 22 Lincoln St,
Cambridge, Mass, U.S.A.
Unavoidable situation.
Meet Davy at the airport on Sunday.
Go home and send a telegram
on the way.
 I'll be waiting, until you take off.
 You dont need to.
No, I am not late.
Im not flying.
 Did you just inherit a fortune?
 Im finished now.
 Don't hurry, Ben. I have a tempting offer.
 It's not for me.
 I need to shoot about 1600 feet of film.
The TV company pays
four thousand bucks for it.
 I think it will be worth it.
I signed the contract
and am flying out in two hours.
But whats it got to do with me?
You can make the four thousand
yourself, Ben.
Unavoidable situation...
I dont want to go.
Even for a short while...
What if he changes his mind
after Ive sent the telegram?
If the license number is divisible by three,
it means hell change his mind.
Not divisible!
Divisible... Divisible!..
Super! It's divisible!..
He changed his mind!
Sorry, but he changed his mind!
 By the time you get around to it, Ben,
itll be too late.
Everybodys got to take up
their share of the load.
 Tell me, Ben...  What?
 How old are you?
 Forty three.
 You look older.
Youre not going to get any more jobs
flying at your age.
 Do you really think your boy cares about
where the money comes from?
 Just forget about it!
 Boxers call that
 I know... A "low blow"...
 Wheres your gear?
 Well! Good boy!
Just remember, the company
needs only close-ups.
Oh... about money...
I have to rent the gear and the plane.
 Moreover, me and you...
 Okay. Fifty-fifty.
 Damned bay!
 I know... It's near the prohibited area,
but for two thousand, you can live fairly well
for at least six months.
 Anyone fly with you?
 Nobody.  You are crazy!
In this case, two thousand doesn't divide...
Do you remember the smiles
on these filmstars?
Never seen better in my life...

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