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If you apply coal tar
to a rabbit's ear,
every day at regular intervals,
a cancer is formed.
That's what Dr. Yamagiwa said.
"I finally created cancer
with my own hands"
That's what he said
when he discovered cancer
in the rabbit's ear.
Dr. Virchow's stimulation theory
was thus proven by Dr. Yamagiwa.
That's why cancer patients
are not allowed stimulating...
I have a friend who used
to be my roommate.
He's suffering from stomach cancer.
I told him not to drink whisky.
He said: "Forbid me anything
except cigarettes."
Lately, he's even been drinking.
He should have died
a long time ago,
but he's still all right and
won't die any time soon.
He doesn't believe me.
It's a problem.
How are you, Setsuko?
It's been a long time.
You're right.
When did you arrive?
Last night.
- With Mariko?
- Yes, the two of us.
- How's your husband?
- Well, thanks.
I'm glad.
Did you get my letter?
Yes, that's why I've come.
I understand. It wasn't urgent, though.
You're father's doing fine,
isn't he?
I spoke about him in my class today,
about how hardheaded he is.
Maybe that's why he's still alive.
Is he dying?
- He's not well.
- Not well?
It's serious.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me exactly how he is.
Setsuko, don't let this
get you down, OK?
He's got a year to live, with any luck.
My guess is six months.
There are exceptions, of course.
Does my father know he's going to die?
I don't believe so.
I haven't told your sister either.
He's a good man.
And a very good friend of mine.
He's been a good father to you two.
I don't know any man like him.
Father, the well is very deep.
The water's very cold.
Do you get up early
in the mornings?
Yes, very early.
I doubt it.
I didn't get up early today.
I didn't notice Setsuko leaving.
She didn't want to take you
because you're a tomboy.
She should have woken me
and taken me with her.
Hello, good afternoon.
- Hi! How are you?
- Fine.
Sit down.
- Is she Miss Mariko?
- Yes she is.
Mariko, do you remember
Mr. Tashiro?
She's a woman now.
We met in Manchuria.
That was a long time ago.
I was in junior high school.
Before leaving for France?
Yes. It was that same autumn.
- When did you arrive?
- Last night.
- Alone?
- With my sister.
I travel to Tokyo sometimes.
I wouldn't have recognized her.
She looks like a lady but
acts like a child.
She's always sticking her tongue out. Look.
- Where are you going?
- To get some tea.
Make yourself comfortable.
The book you lent me is
very interesting.
I'm glad.
I had already read it
once in Manchuria.
They said it was interesting,
but I didn't think so at the time.
- Nevertheless, now I do.
- I'm glad.
- Have you brought hot water?
- Yes.
It's a beautiful day.
Ask him to take you somewhere.
Why don't you come to Kobe?
- Do you live in Kobe?
- Yes.
- What do you do?
- I make home furnishings.
- Furnishings?
- Chairs and tables.
You can speak English if you like.
She likes it.
Again with the tongue.
Will you stick it out?
Probably getting ready to do it.
She seems determined to restrain herself.
Well, it looks like she's growing up.
Setsuko, tea, please.
- Is this the Yakushi temple?
- Yes.
But we saw another one.
That was the new Yakushi.
I didn't know that.
Here, eat something.
I like it here.
I feel very much at peace.
I had already been here.
Fifteen years ago.
I came with Mr. Tashiro.
We had lunch right here.
I see.
What do you see?
Mr. Tashiro influenced you.
Really? Think so?
I don't like temples.
You were impressed by the
Buddha statue, though.
The one with the dark face?
That's because it looked like Mrs. Shinoda.
Statues are all the same.
Some of them have this pose, others that.
But they're all the same.
You don't know anything.
Shall we go to the Toshodai temple?
Why not? It's very near.
It'll just be a moment.
How boring!
Why are

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