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Wasteland of the Empire...
...and the most valuable planet
in the universe...
...because it is here,
and only here, where spice is found.
The spice.
Without it,
there is no commerce in the Empire.
There is no civilisation.
Home of the spice.
Greatest treasure in the universe.
And he who controls it,
controls our destiny.
Mentat engineers,
please report to fusion plants.
Life support technicians,
prepare for departure.
This move to Arrakis comes
at a delicate moment for House Atreides.
A test of your father's loyalty
to the Emperor.
You must remember, Paul...
...our society is a tangled web
of competing forces.
Our civilisation rests upon
a political tripod...
...a most unstable of structures.
A deceptive balance of power exists
between the Emperor...
...the Congress of Royal Houses, and
the supposedly impartial Spacing Guild...
...with its invulnerable monopoly
on interstellar transport.
Complicated by a feudal trading culture
that turns its--
Dr. Yueh would be disappointed.
Then he'd know how I feel.
Departure from Caladan airspace, 0-10:00.
It's never easy leaving one's home, Paul.
Think of this as a new adventure,
the adventure of a lifetime.
You call this an adventure:
Leaving our home for some dry speck
of dust in the middle of nowhere?
You're a duke's son.
You have duties, responsibilities.
How could I ever forget?
Every day I have to eat responsibility
for breakfast and duty for dinner.
Sarcasm doesn't become you.
I just want to see my father.
So do I.
Departure from Caladan airspace, 0-10:00.
All Atreides personnel,
please prepare for departure.
The Reverend Mother has arrived.
She wants to see you
before we depart for Arrakis.
You have given him your face, Jessica.
But the father has given him his eyes.
And his courage.
We shall see.
Come here, boy.
Let me have a better look at you.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll do as I say.
I'll be the judge of what's good for me.
Your mother has taught you many things,
I see.
She tells me you dream.
Your Reverence...
-...if I could--
-You're dismissed, Jessica.
Since when is it permitted to treat
the Lady Jessica as a common servant?
She was a common servant.
My servant.
And a good one, too...
...until she was 16,
and your father took her.
Now, I would like to hear
about your dreams.
They're just dreams.
About what?
Why don't you tell me?
Do you know what this is?
It is a test, young Atreides.
A test for what?
Put your hand inside and we'll see.
What's in it?
I hold the Gom Jabbar at your throat,
young Atreides.
Keep your hand in the box and live.
Remove it and die.
I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer.
That's right, boy.
I will face my fear,
I will let it pass through me.
And when the fear is gone
there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
No woman, child,
ever with stood that much pain.
You are a gifted boy, young Atreides...
...but you have much to learn.
He survived.
You should've warned me.
She was forbidden.
I'm sorry.
You were supposed to have a daughter.
You have hopelessly complicated matters.
An Atreides daughter could've been wed
to the Harkonnen heir.
The feud between the houses
could've been ended.
My duke wanted a son.
You arrogant girl.
Putting his desires above our interests.
How dare you turn your back on
the centuries of our breeding programmes.
I'll pay for my mistakes.
And your son will pay it with you.
We'll do what we can.
He may be worth saving...
...but for the father, nothing.
Good thing you don't play your baliset
as badly as you fight, Gurney-man.
It's too bad Duncan isn't here.
-Then I could get a real workout.
-Now you've done it.
Whoa, Gurney-man.
Never submit to anger.
Fast on defence, slow on the attack.
You forgot your first principle, Gurney.
Not likely.
Look down, lad.
Perhaps you'd like to sing soprano
next time I

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