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The Federal Agency
for culture and cinema
and the Culture and Cinema
Development Foundation
present a FilterFilm
- Hey, is that you?
- Yes, genie.
- Why have you set this alarm at all?
- I don't remember.
- You don't remember, do you?
- No, I don't.
I set this alarm 500
years ago.
The watch has been keeping the eact
time for ages.
is to leave for some place.
- But it is not me.
- Neither is it me.
We have had our
share of flying.
Oh, yes. I seem to have remembered.
you, swim up to us.
What about the younger generation?
- Well, all jacked up!
- All right, we must eplore this matter.
- So pack up your things and go there.
- Why me?
- And who else?
- Well, what vessels do we have?
Well, look, a soda can.
Thanks to the globalisation.
- But it is so small.
- But you won't get sour on your way there.
Get in quickly!
- And remember that the person who
- It it so cold in here.
will be the first to open this can,
will become your master.
And no smoking, please.
I still have forgotten to tell
him something.
Peter Buslov
Anastassia Tsvetaeva
Sergei Chirkov
Nazar Vlassenkov
and Oleg Taktarov
as "Uffa"
Ilya Olenev
How are we going to celebrate
this New Year?
I don't know so far.
Idea Nikolai Anashkin
Valery Byllinsky
Let's boil some water
Well, you seem to always
have a company for partying.
I envy you so much.
You're so beautiful.
- All the boys are trying to court you.
- Stop it. You're great too.
And the boys...
Anton Karakolev-Peterko
There is nothing peculiar about the boys.
I wish I could do some base jumping.
Let's go to India with us.
It will be a classy trip.
- I can't.
- I see.
Do you want some?
- There are so many calls coming in.
- Wrong calls.
- Hello!
- Hi, Lena.
Everything is OK. The plane is leaving tomorrow
morning eactly as you wished.
You're great!
Someone is ringing at the door.
Call me back later.
Denis Alarkon Ramires
A wrong call again?
Ilya Khotinenko
- Hello!
- A birdie!
Yes, a birdie.
Producers Igor Kireev
Aleander Seridenko
Why are you so gloomy, man?
A real macho will never
display his true feelings
even if he has an acute
pang of diarrhea.
Do you mean a boyo? I'm not a boyo.
- Hello!
- Hi!
- Do you need any flyers to the Base?
- What's on today?
- The party will be great.
- No, we're still making up our minds.
See ya then.
Take this flyer.
Good luck to you, man.
I'm sorry.
I was mistaken.
- Come up to me!
- Why me?
- What newspaper is that?
- Iis is an issue of MK.
May I have it? When you come to me
for your eam, I'll give it back to you.
- But...
- Come on, I'll be waiting for you.
- And what about...
- Later.
Why aren't you in the classroom?
We are going to see a doctor.
He has a stomach ache.
It is horrible.
There are so many germs around. Not
including this new SARS bug.
Never mind. I got vaccinated
against all these viruses.
I mean both the flu and the SARS.
You seem to have failed your
English eam, don't you?
And you have three failed eams. Specify the
subjects and sign up for more tries.
The illnesses will make it even more
difficult for you.
I'm so fed up with these
- I hate your English.
- Well, it is all right.
Don't play it so dumb, Gooch.
Lena left the University building
after the second lecture.
By the way, she was picked up by
a dude driving a great car.
- How can you know?
- I saw them.
- Thanks.
- Never mind.
We're working.
All right.
Do you know whose call it was?
They said that it was a work of
- Shall I start from the first line?
- Yes.
- What's wrong?
- You must sing the lalala part the way I do.
There must be a lot of emotions in it.
OK, then sing this part yourself.
I won't sing it.
And this India of yours adds an
insult to an injury.
Do you still want to become a

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- 1984

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