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Thank you.
Taste this!
A wagon of watermelons
for a kiss!
Sophia Lauren!
And now, Snow White
chooses her Prince!
Drink up, guys!
They're on me!
Tania Simakova is back!
Tania, here I come!
Where have you been?
How long are you staying?
-What, are you nuts?
In this rat hole?
-Where's the gang?
-Right! This calls for a drink!
Hi, Misha.
Its me, Tania.
Our Beauty Queen.
Give us a kiss.
Go get, Misha!
Girls are for the chasing.
A kiss and what else?
Coffee in bed?
Keep the coffee.
I'll settle for bed.
Its our dance!
Make way for your
Scout Leader!
She'll be coming round
the mountain...
-You're very quiet.
-What should I say?
-That you're happy to see me.
-I am.
He'll faint again!
And you're asking me to dance.
-Okay, I'm asking.
-I accept.
-Don't you want to kiss me?
-Drop it.
Do you still love me?
-None of your business.
-Maybe it is.
Maybe I love you and
I've come back to marry you.
Are you drunk?
You know the laws of probability?
Sveta, give me a coin.
-Whats it for?
-Heads I marry Misha.
-Tails I go back to Moscow.
-She's out of her mind!
Okay, Misha?
Heads you marry me?
You'll ditch him again
when you're sober!
Agreed, Krapivin?
Where is it, can you see?
Get off me, stupid!
Let me see.
So, Mikhail Krapivin,
will you marry me?
I'm getting married!
Stop yelling.
Our wages have arrived.
Down tools, guys!
Our wages are here!
-How much are we getting?
-Ask my dick!
Listen, guys.
Don't forget! The Palace
of Culture, 7:OO sharp!
Don't worry, we'll be there.
Don't get drunk before!
Antonina, you've really
hit the jackpot.
A daughter-in-law from nowhere.
No family, no class...
-A chain-smoking hooker...
-Don't, Grandpa.
-Its bad enough already.
-Your sins are being punished.
She's so busy! Can't even find time
to pay her respects to us!
"Sorry, Grandpa. I'm off to
Moscow to have my dress made."
Our Misha's a goner.
She'll have him for breakfast!
-Your sins are too great.
-What sins?
I slaved all my life
down the coal mine!
What we ate wasn't Snickers!
-You had lost God.
-God doesn't exist!
You pray your brains out, for what?
Does God give you a man?
Not one! Not even a shrimp!
You'll die an old maid, angel.
The jellied beef will never set.
Poor little Misha! She's been around.
How will he cope with her?
Around? I'll say!
Give her an inch, she'll take a mile.
You've watched TV.
Ads, sex and smut.
Now its here, in real life.
She'll eat him, bones and all!
Hey, you Krapivins!
Shake a leg!
The wages are here!
Come and get them!
First course: smoked tongue
at 57 rubles a plate.
For how many? Say 1OO.
That makes... 5,7OO rubles.
Tongue won't last ten seconds!
Give us herring salad.
Lets stay Russian.
Herring salad?
For a wedding?
Thats no way to impress people!
You need delicacies!
-I can't afford more than 3O.
People will bring presents. 5O!
Now, whats the main course?
-Natasha? Main course?
-Beef Stroganoff.
-With buckwheat porridge.
-You said meatballs.
You eat this garbage every day!
Stop stuffing your face!
You get a government pension.
A special one for Model Workers!
Like hell! I haven't seen
a kopeck for six months.
Don't worry.
Look at this.
I was saving it for myself.
You can have it cheap.
Take a sniff!
-Fresh as a daisy!
-You want to ruin me or what?
The money's come!
They're paying at the mine!
Keep the tongue!
Maybe I can afford it!
Get back! Get back!
-Hands off!
-Stand back! Don't push!
Go home! You embarrass me.
I'll get the money.
-No way! I'm getting it.
-You'll get something else!
Go on, hit me!
Have a little fun!
Here, in front of everyone!
Give us our wages!
There's enough for everyone!
Don't push!
Where you think you're going?
Wages come first, then pensions.
Don't push!
This is Krapivin,
our Model Worker.

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