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TEHERAN, APRIL 25TH, 1980 - 4:00AM
Let's go! Get on there!
Move it! Move it! Move it!
Move it! Sergeant, get your men on there!
Is that Peterson's helicopter?
He was in that damn chopper
that blew up!
McCoy, get back here!
Where the hell are you goin'?!
We're pullin? out!
Captain McCoy!
- Bobby, where's Pete?
- Still in the chopper.
The flames are too high.
He can't be reached.
Captain, don't go in there!
The fuel bladders are about to blow!
Pete! Where are you?!
(Pete) Get the hell outta here!
The thing's gonna blow!
Goddammit, get out!
This goddamn thing's gonna blow!
- Hang on!
- (Pete) Get out!
Hang on, Pete!
(Pete) Get outta here!
Ow! My God!
Oh, my God! My leg's gone!
Come on!
Get outta here, Captain!
Listen, Pete! When I raise up the jeep...
...move your leg!
Move it!
Move your leg! Pete, move it!
(Pete groans)
Hang on. Hang on.
Move! Get 'em up here! Come on, move!
All right, take it up! Let's go!
- Scott and Pete are still back there!
- I got a squadron to think about!
Come on, get it up!
Hey, there they are!
(Bobby) Come on, Scott!
Take it down! Take it down!
(Bobby) Come on, man!
(soldier) Get that air load secured!
Come on! Come on, man!
All right, we've got him.
(Pete cries out in pain)
Come on, make a move! Go!
- Come on, close the door.
- Give him some room!
Why wouldn't they listen, Nick?
We told 'em it's too dangerous
to launch this operation at night.
They thought their plan was better.
I spent five years in Vietnam watching
them do the planning... and us the dying.
Well... I'm resigning when I get back.
(TV) We interrupt this programme to bring
you the following special news bulletin.
An hour ago an attempt to rescue the
American hostages held in Teheran...
... ended in disaster for the Army'
top- secret antiterrorist special forces.
Eight members of the special unit
have been killed and 13 wounded.
No further information as to the cause
of this disaster is available at this time.
FRIDAY, JULY 19TH, 1985 - 7:45AM
(Tannoy) American Travelways
Flight 282 from Cairo has just landed.
Passengers taking this flight to New York
via Rome should proceed to Gate 11.
I have a bad leg.
I thought you would like to know,
it's our silver wedding anniversary.
- Mazel tov!
- Congratulations.
We'd have divorced years ago but
neither of us wanted custody of our kids.
Please don't listen to him. If it was
up to him, he would spoil 'em rotten.
- I'm going shopping.
- Good idea. I can check on my daughter.
- You wanna go to the duty-free?
- OK.
Watch the things, honey.
- Harry Goldman. Philadelphia.
- Ben Kaplan. New York.
Deborah, let her have
the doll she wants. She's a baby!
Momma, she's not a baby.
And you're spoiling her.
I'm not. I didn't do
such a bad job with you.
Harry wanted to buy me a new ring
for our anniversary. I said no.
He got me this ring in Jerusalem
on our honeymoon.
Really? Oh, it's lovely. What does it say?
One minute. I'll show you.
Here, take it.
It says: Anti
... vie dodo li.
Ash, that's... that's Hebrew. I know that.
It's from the Song of Songs.
"Me to my lover...
...my lover to me."
- You're Jewish, huh?
- No, I'm Chinese.
Of course!
- What's the problem?
- There's no problem.
- We thought you had a water leak.
- Can we start boarding now?
Sure. Better check that
with your flight engineer.
Have a nice flight.
(announcement in Greek)
I'm sorry, sir. This flight is full.
Check the ticket counter for the next one.
- No, no. I must go on this flight.
- I'm sorry, sir. You have a stand-by ticket.
(man) We're full, sir. Please move aside.
- You see in your book if there is


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