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Пропавший без вести 2: Начало

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- AC phase selector.
- AC.
Force trim.
Battery switch.
Fire detector light.
Caution warning lights.
Test and reset.
By the way, congratulations.
Have you thought of
a name for your kid?
Well, we're still fighting.
I'm holding out for
Joe DiMaggio Mazilli.
The greatest Yankee
that ever lived!
Hydraulic control switch.
Heads up, guys.
Here comes Colonel Braddock.
So, why would the colonel
want to go to Cambodia?
Yeah, he could get hurt
going across the fence.
He's leading a recon unit,
checking enemy strength.
Clear left, sir.
Let her rip.
Main generator switch.
- Turn switch.
- Fair.
700 RPMs.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, Sergeant.
Sorry I'm late.
Would you like to take
the controls, sir?
No, thanks, Captain.
I'm just along for the ride.
What are the coordinates
on LZ Sally?
We're right on top of them.
Let's give them a holler.
Alligator four,
this is Red Gap six.
Alligator four, we're
taking fire from all quadrants.
Sir, they're in a fire fight
down there.
Charlie's got them pinned down
two miles south of the LZ.
How bad is it?
They're taking fire
from all quadrants, sir.
Do you want to go in?
Hang on, guys.
We're coming down to get you.
Get ready to move.
Take it down, Captain.
Captain, let's move out now!
Keep your shirt on, son.
All right! Go!
Come on!
Come on, son.
We got to get out of here.
Shit! Damn!
You OK?
I'm fine.
Let's go to the chopper!
Come on!
Sir, they're getting
a good bead on us!
Looks like some
more party crashers, sir!
All right, come on!
Get in there!
Come on. Get in there. Quick!
Let's get the hell out of here!
What the hell is that?
We're hit! We're going down!
I'm gonna try to make the lake.
Get ready to jump.
Jump, Lieutenant!
I said, jump, Lieutenant!
On the day America
remembers its war dead...
a special salute today
to the war dead of Vietnam.
An American serviceman who died
there took his place today...
in a place of honor,
the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Almost 10 years after the last
Americans left Saigon...
the men who fought in Vietnam
got their parade.
Muffled drums and dirges...
a coffin and a flag
wrapped in plastic...
to protect it from the rain.
In the amphitheater
of Arlington Cemetery...
families of the men
still missing from Vietnam...
waited for the coffin
and remembered.
They wonder if their sons
are still alive...
and why the world sits back...
and allows
the Vietnamese government...
to flagrantly violate
the Geneva Convention.
Rumors of physical
and mental torture...
have made
the wait more agonizing.
The families were reassured
by a deeply moved president.
We write no last chapters...
we close no books...
we put away no final memories.
An end to America's
involvement in Vietnam...
cannot come
before we have achieved...
the fullest possible accounting
of those missing in action.
Colonel Yin...
you may not give a damn
about the Geneva Convention...
but someday you're gonna
be held accountable.
The Geneva Convention applies
to prisoners of war.
You men are not
prisoners of war.
You are common criminals.
I have repeatedly told you...
that there is no escape
from my camp...
unless you consider
death an escape.
You are surrounded by cliffs...
jungles full of man traps...
and a bridge that is impassable.
None of you have ever escaped,
and none of you will.
The only way for you to leave
my camp...
is if Braddock confesses.
He defends the country
that has forgotten you...
an outlaw nation
the rest of the world reviles!
They are killing
your ambassadors of the evil...
in every part of the world.
I have something for you.
Hey, it's a beaut.
It's a good two inches.
Angelo says thanks.
What he give you?
A B-52.
It's just a worm
for his chicken.
You know, I got to learn
to keep my mouth
Пропавший без вести 2: Начало

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