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I can see that it's not safe to ride a bike
on the local roads. Can I help you?
Yes you can.
I need to get an aqualung from the town.
Aqualung? What for?
Our aqualung broke and they're getting away.
Who's getting away? Bentarki.
Where are they? At the bottom of the lake.
How are they getting away? In spirals.
Any more questions?
Last one.  These bentarki- they are your
They are the project of the Institute of
We are wasting time talking here
and they are getting away.
The town is  far away.  It will be faster and
easier if you show me a broken aqualung.
Faster? Are you sure? Is it serious?
Faster. Sure. Serious.
That's it.  The ride is over.
It felt more like a sky diving then riding to me.
Chen, Chen, come home.
Hello, I'm Natasha.  Nice meeting you.
I'm Igor Sobolev.
What's the name of that pretty
amazon?  Lotta.  Lotta Kerom.
Didn't you have time to get acquainted?
No, we only had time to quarrel.
OK, we'll see.  I'm starting the steam boat.
Somebody's very enthusiastic to bring
this scrap metal to life.
What you've got? -That's it... Any  advice?
Yes, throw it away.  -We could figure
that out by ourselves.
We're stuck.  We're losing time and
they're getting away.
We have to radio for help.  No other choice.
OK, guys.  We'll do it  without an aqualung.
-It's over 100 ft deep!
Are you deaf?  I said it's over 100 ft!
-Sorry, I thought you said over 1000
Is there anything to hold on to down
there?  -Yes, there a ring for the hook.
Give me a Sonar's core.  I'll try to put it in.
-It goes under the lid next to the ring.
If you do it, I promise to walk to Medina
barefooted to pray for you.
Just make sure you don't drown.
Don't worry.
I thinks it was your friend that just dived.
He's as mine as he's yours.
How long it's been? 5 minutes.
How long now? How long? Exactly 6 min.
I think he drowned.
8 minutes.  Damn it!
It's yours.
Do you know how long it's been, piglet?
8 minutes.  -So what?
Yanek, he says "So what?" -It's working.
-Time to start your journey to Medina.
You are insane!-It doesn't seem so.  Insane
people are treated with more respect.
He spent  an hour underwater and now
he's got the nerve to talk back.
Young lady, you're exaggerating. -And you...
You're a monster!  Where did you come
from?  Who are you?
That's where we should've started.
My name is Igor Sobolev.
Sobolev, are you ready?  Go!
4 seconds slower then yesterday.
Lobanov, use the trap #15
Commander, Sobolev is tired.  Tunnel with
the unknown trap- he won't make it.
Ocean will not ask if we are tired or not.
Lobanov, use the trap #15
Lobanov, aquanaut is moving toward you.
I can see him well.  He entered the maze
30 seconds ahead of schedule.
Sobolev has a superb sense of direction.
Commandor, the fake azimuth didn't
deceive him. He's on his course.
He found out your trap. I don't think
you can fool him. -Looks like it.
But he won't make it to the end.  He's tired.
It's his 5th time today without oxygen.
OK. he can take one breath on 20th minute.
I'll have somebody waiting for him
with aqualung.
Commandor didn't lose his wits.
He shot the rope in two.
But the loose end tore the hydroponic suit
open on his chest.
It's the same thing as to mess the lungs
or to tear  ahead away from the fish.
When he came to he realized he was
slightly out of breath. -Slightly?
Yes, for the second half remained intact.
When he came to all the way he saw that
the depth was over 9000 ft.
Excuse me, Sergei, but how could he see?
Under 9000 ft crystal turns red.
Whoever falls into the red cellar of the
ocean will hear the Requiem of the Deep
Why Requiem? Aquanaut can't be saved?
Even if they save him he'll never be able
to work underwater.-You got a tough job.
Hey guys, how long can we wait for you?
What's that? -Memory matrix.
-Which memory?-Human of course.-Which?
The logical helper of the Computing  Device .

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