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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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Nobody ever went broke underestimating
the taste of the American public.
The ancient Egyptians
postulated seven souls.
The top soul and the first to leave
at the moment of death
is Ren:
The Secret Name.
This corresponds
to my Director.
He directs
the film of your life
from conception
to death.
"The Secret Name"
is the title of your film.
When you die,
that's where Ren came in.
Second soul
and second one
off the sinking ship
is Sekem:
Energy, Power, Light.
The Director gives the orders,
Sekem presses
the right buttons.
Number three is Khu:
The Guardian Angel.
He, she or it
is third man out.
Number four is Ba:
The Heart...
often treacherous.
Number five is Ka:
The Double.
The Ka, which usually
reaches adolescence
at the time
of bodily death,
is the only reliable guide
through the Land of the Dead.
Who's gonna live here?
A family. I'll have it
finished by October.
- I'm worried, Ade.
- Everybody's worried.
No. I am worried
all the time.
Number six is Khaibit:
The Shadow, Memory,
your whole past conditioning from this and
other lives.
Number seven is Sekhu:
The Remains.
I'm halfway to China.
There's nothing here.
40,000 I had...
my share of the Bohack's haul
from the '70s.
Did you wrap it right?
It gets moldy...
it could've disintegrated.
- Wrap what?
- The money.
He knows I need that money
for my fucking retrial!
- Who?
- You know who.
No, I don't know who.
That's why I asked you.
- Malanga.
- Will you stop with that?
Pussy Malanga's dead
six years now.
I should dig him up
Moles. They chewing
through your sprinklers too?
40,000 I had...
my share of the Bohack's haul
from the '70s.
We'll look later.
You're gonna be late for your doctor's.
Come on.
Let me ask you something:
Is your time more valuable
than mine?
Where's the baby?
Sorry, Ton'. The car seat,
the other stuff...
packin' it in there
takes forever.
You probably
remember that.
No, I don't.
I didn't do that crap.
How are you feeling,
Uncle Jun', huh?
He's late enough, Janice.
Come on.
A hello to your niece,
Hi, sweetie.
How are you?
Help him get ready,
will you?
- Yeah.
- Come on, Jun'.
So? How's he doing?
He's Knucklehead Smith,
that's how he's doing.
He's paranoid. He doesn't remember
whether he ate or not.
The man is not
competent, Tony.
- Not again, come on!
- He has the money for assisted living.
He's got legal bills
up the ass.
He can sell this museum
and move to Green Grove.
Fuck assisted living, okay?
Remember what they did to Ma?
- She was thriving there, Tony.
- He stays where he is, Janice.
He's our uncle.
It's the least we can do.
So the split,
your friend in Jersey
says it should be the same
as the old business we do over there.
That's public works,
this isn't.
- I'll hold the line.
- Don't turn it into World War III.
So day to day,
how are you getting along with Tony?
You asked me
to bury the hatchet, John.
I'm doing it
out of respect to you.
Am I still grieving
over my brother Bill?
Lt'll never go away.
I appreciate it, Phil.
- With me in here...
- I hear you, John.
Your bride...
she's a rock for you, kid.
Her brother's fitting me
for contacts.
When the trial starts,
I don't wanna be
reading documents
in the courtroom with glasses.
It looks weak.
- Hey, Ton'.
- Hey.
My sports book
down in Roseville,
Bacala's still making
things unpleasant.
- God damn it.
- Listen, Tony,
I got you something.
For you, Carm, the kids...
David Yurman watches.
18-karat gold,
diamond center.
Why do I get the feelin'
there's a jeweler somewhere
filin' an insurance
claim today?
that ain't what it is.
- My Aunt Edie died.
- No?
That one that moved to California
back in the '60s?
She was a great lady,
the only person in my life
who ever made me
feel special.
What are you gonna do?
Anyway, the silver cloud
is she did pretty well.
She was married
to Victor Borge's
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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