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This film is dedicated
to the great Russian dramatist
Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky
on the occasion of his 150th birthday.
Second Artistic Association
The cock crows, winter's ending.
The fairy Spring has come
to arouse the earth.
A spring fairy tale
by A.N. Ostrovsky
Screenplay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer A. FEDOTOV
Sound by T. SILAYEV
English Subtitles by
Tatiana Kameneva
Ye. FILONOVA as Snow Maiden
I. GUBANOVA as Kupava
B. KHIMICHEV as Misghir
P.KADOCHNIKOV as Tsar Berendey
S. FILIPPOV as Bermyata
A. APSOLON as Bobil Bakula
L.Malinovskaya as Bobil's Wife
V. PUGACHYOVA as Radushka
V. MALYSHEV as Brussilo
S. ONUCHKINA as Malusha
G. NILOV as Kurilka
L. BEZUGLAYA as Zaryana
A. DEMIN as Kid
S. KRYLOV as Murash
I.BOGOLYUBOV as Murash's Neighbor
N. KLIMOVA as Spring
P. NIKASHIN as Frost
as Minions
The land is still snow-bound,
the glittering cold is everywhere.
There is no warmth.
But I like the lands of the far
I like to arouse the powers that lie
deep from their heavy slumber,
and to call up from the depths
of the earth
their mysterious life-giving force.
And I like to warm the carefree
people of Tsar Berendey,
that they may abandon themselves
to the joys of love.
Give me a kiss, to prove to everyone
you're my sweetheart.
His daughter is ripe for marriage.
She's engaged already.
Her bridegroom's coming this
He's a merchant from the Tsar's
town. A man named Misghir.
The snow in the mountains
is falling,
And me, a young lass, to home
they're calling.
Come you home, young bride,
Come you home, fair maid...
Sitting up over their fires
and getting drunk,
singing songs to the glory of
dancing from one twilight to
that's all they ever think about.
Lel! Lel!
Early, early the cocks crow,
Of the spring for all to know.
Goodbye, Shrovetide, goodbye.
Goodbye, Shrovetide!
In thick fog, at one stroke
I shall freeze all the smoke.
Caught by the chill it shall stand
still. That's what warms my heart!
You had a good time feasting,
time's come to set out for the North.
At the first dawn, on the wings of
the breeze, I shall go to Siberia.
To whose care will you entrust
Snow Maiden?
Our little girl is old enough
to do without nursemaids.
She will feel lonesome with only
owls and forest genies to talk to.
Girls love to have fun
with friends their own age,
play and frolic day and night
in the spring with their boyfriends.
- And what then?
- Then she will find her love.
That's exactly what I don't want!
Every living creature in the world
has to love.
You're getting excited on a pretense.
What you say makes no sense.
Now listen to me.
Open your ears and use your brain!
Yesterday, from across the seas
the bird-woman came.
She has heard that the Sun God
intends to take Snow Maiden's life.
He is waiting to send his burning
ray of love into her heart.
That will be the end of our
Snow Maiden.
The Sun will sear her, will
melt her, will crumble her to ashes.
I don't know how,
but he'll kill her.
You'll believe anything
that silly bird woman says.
I'm her mother. I won't let you
keep Snow Maiden captive.
Come on, call her now.
Snow Maiden! Come, my child!
Poor little Snow Maiden...
- Why are you so shy?
- Oh, Mama!
Come here, darling. Let me
embrace you.
How would you like to live
in the world, with human beings?
Oh yes, I would! I'd like to!
But what makes you want to leave
the home of your parents?
The songs of men, especially Lel's.
I want to stay here, father.
Night an day I could listen
to that shepherd's songs
that make me melt...
You hear that? She'd melt!
Of all the words the most frightening
for Father Frost is "to melt".
Snow Maiden, flee Lel like
the plague, beware of his songs.

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