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Особенности национальной рыбалки

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KalenovSTV Film company
in co-production with
Nicola Film
Serghei RUSSKlN
Serghei GUSlNSKY
in the film
Mikhalych, give me a hand,
l've broken down.
We're on our way.
Stop! O.K.! O.K.!
- Give me the end.
- Here.
Mikhalych, just pull off gently.
l can't here a thing.
We'll get you there, don't worry.
Hell of a weather.
Great for fishing!
- Take the stuff out of the back.
- Let's go. We're already late.
What's going on? l don't get it.
Mikhalych, you're not towing me!
l can't hear a thing.
You're not moving?
- He says he's not moving.
- We're on the move.
We can even go a little faster.
What cow?
Eagle, has the general gone by?
We don't understand - what cow?
The general is bringing you
a cow as a present.
- What do l need a cow for?
- You haven't got yours back yet.
Of course, exotic animals
are more fashionable.
Our Constable Kiryukhin
has got himself a koala bear.
Now he is planting
eucaliptus trees for his koala.
He tried to soak birch tree leaves
with eucalyptus liqueur,
but the koala
wouldn't have any of it.
Yes, Russia still got a hundred
years' worth of idiots
up its sleeve, thank God.
They really have got a cow.
l thought l'd misunderstood.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
- Mikhalych.
- Hi, Kuzmich.
- So how is it here?
- lt's O.K. There's plenty of carp.
- You didn't need to bring it here.
- We couldn't leave it on the road.
- What is her name?
- Ford.
Original. That's what we called
our Sergeant Vasilyuk.
l thought something was
dragging me out on the corners.
Where's Serghei?
Where's our Ford?
You animal!
What are you doing here?
Watch it. They're handy
with those hooves.
She won't have
the strength to kick us.
The've brought Serghei.
You got the ropes mixed up.
l got the rope
which you gave me mixed up!
lt was raining so hard,
l couldn't see anything.
The new Prosecutor's arrived.
He is a very strict person.
- You tied up your own end!
- Of course l did! You saw the rain!
- lt's all your fault.
- What's my fault?
Stop arguing, lay the table.
OK, let's drink to Sense!
ln what sense?
ln the sense "Long Live Sense".
That cow has set a speed record.
lt's a pity we can't
register it with Guinness.
We have destroyed the protocol
on mutual agreement.
We'll draw up a new protocol.
lt's time for our region
to become world-wide known,
to defend the honor
of the Motherland.
- Prosecutor! What's up?
- l've just remembered the Snivels.
What snivels?
My village lies between two rivers:
The Big Snivel and the Little Snivel.
- Mikhalych, it's not quite right.
- Of course, l see.
So, to the Motherland!
Two vodkas and some sturgeon.
Yes, the prosecutor
is not one of us!
You drink too much! Such a bore!
We shouldn't have taken him
fishing, he'll ruin the holiday.
He wanted to see my lodge:
all the amenities,
the standards and service
of a fashionable resort!
Service, my foot!
What self-indulgence!
ln fact, l built the verandah
in the classic oriental style,
with a special place for
observing and relishing the moon.
They were building those verandahs
at the end of the Heian period,
it was a new architectural style
named shinden-zukuri.
- What?
- Shinden-zukuri.
Which was founded on a interest
in the inner corners of man.
l don't know about them, but for me
watching the moon is emotional.
A total escape from our chaos.
What are you going on about
this oriental mysticism?
Can't you peacefully meditate
in our Russian way?
lf you do it the Russian way,
you'll ruin your health.
Two rings on the bell,
her name is Olya.
He is a freak
that in drinking is weak.
What a milksop!
His predecessor was a real man.
He could drink half a bucket,
and then read a lecture about
the dangers of alcoholism,
and on the culture of sexual
relationships in
Особенности национальной рыбалки

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