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Bye, Mom.
Goodbye, Son.
I'm so proud of you!
- Bye, Dad.
- Take care, Steve-o.
Don't study too hard!
Andy! Yeah.
Yeah, I'm having a little car trouble.
Welcome to Bramson College.
Oh, no.
- Andy! Jackie! Hello!
- Hey!
Steve, I'm so glad you're finally here!
- Hi!
- Steve-o! My main man!
- Together again!
- How are you?
- Great!
- Good. Good.
Oh, no. What's this scam?
No scam. Totally legit.
For the next 24 hours.
I got lucky in a card game.
- And you're the driver?
- Waste not, want not.
Hop in.
- Same old Andy.
- Hey! Was that an insult?
Wait until you see the pad!
Party! Party! Party! Yeah! The fun's here!
Oh! It is that time again!
Drink up! Drink up!
Go! Go! Go!
And the winner is Mr. Neanderthal!
Way to go, love that shirt.
Okay, guess what? Party's over. Time's up.
You only booked the place for three hours.
Let's go. Who's got the cash?
Home at last.
That's good!
This place is unbelievable.
How do you guys get any studying done?
Oh, we manage.
Hey, we far from campus?
It's just a short jog away.
"Make thee another self for love of me
"That beauty still may live
in thine, or thee"
Well done, Stephen. Thank you.
Steve, come over here.
You're moving really well for the volley.
Really good, okay?
But I want you
to get down a little bit lower.
- Get down really low.
- All right.
I need a lot of work on my game.
- Hi.
- Stephen Parker.
- I haven't seen you here before.
- Yeah, I just transferred.
- Oh, great!
- Yeah, well...
I'll try.
- Hi, Coach.
- Shelly, you're first up.
Okay, hang on a second.
Good backhand, Shelly!
Hey, Parker. What's going on?
Let's get with it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Are you okay?
- No...
Biology notes.
You wanna borrow my biology notes?
Okay, look, I'm in a hurry.
What's your name?
Look, I got to run.
I'll give them to you next class?
Oh, my God! My name!
When we discuss the great
English romantic poets,
three names come to mind.
Byron, Keats, and...
Can you name the third, Mr. Parker?
Requests Unlimited.
We got what you need.
You want fifty penguins
for your frat party?
Okay. Emperor or regular?
That will cost mucho dinero.
- Hi.
- Hi, babe.
Hi, Brad.
Hi, I'm Stephen Parker.
Listen, if you want to catch
your practice now, we gotta cruise.
Sorry, dude.
Biology notes.
- Wilson, good.
- Thanks.
Here, Parker.
Parker, that's your last double fault.
Get over here.
What do you think you're doing?
Man, you're wasting my valuable time.
I mean, I want work!
Hey! Look at me when I'm talking to you.
Do you want me to show you
what work is?
I'll show you what work is, okay?
Come on. Come on, baby.
Come on, try harder.
Parker, that's it. You're off the team.
Hi, Brad!
Listen, little man, and listen good.
I'm telling you in a nice way.
You stay away from my woman.
Yeah, I hear ya.
Heads up!
You come here every day
just to watch her?
Andy, I'm in deep, man.
If I don't get close to this girl,
I am gonna blow everything. Everything.
Good one.
My scholarship, my mind.
Oh, my God!
Angela, are you all right?
Angela! Are you okay?
Don't move. Somebody call an ambulance.
Looks like one less player on the team.
Wait a second.
One less player.
Andy, you're sick.
Yes. Look, my schemes almost
always work out.
I didn't get thrown out of
three prep schools for nothing, you know?
Actually, Stephen,
I know it sounds totally insane,
but the only way you're gonna get
over Shelly is to get to know her.
It's a genius concept,
and I'm only talking about
trying it for something like a week.
- Or a couple of days.
- A week.
Look, it's not gonna take that long
to find out that she's really
nothing special,
she's just an airhead,
and then you can get back to real life.
Buddy, you are infected with true love.
This is your only cure.
The tennis tryouts are day after tomorrow.
No way. You guys

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