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mailThis will not have a good end.
"Pegasus" never to rise.
He is going to crash.
Would You tell me please,
Are You flying new animals for a ZOO?
- Are You captain Seleznev?
- I'm sorry, I am professor Seleznev.
- Professor Seleznev. Yes, all converges.
- And Im Alice.
It is completely unimportant. Whats important
that you will fly near Aldebaran.
- Whats the matter?
- Nothing.
You will just take a little pie
To my grandchild Kolia, boy have a birthday.
- Where is the pie?
- Here. Of course its here!
And You call this a "little pie"?
And how its seems to you: he
will eat it alone or with his friends?
What do you think?
I think nothing,
Im not flying.
No, you will fly, captain
You will fly  Moscow Zoo
need a rare animals.
Kolia's grandmother was right and
in 12 of July 2181 captain Green,
professor Seleznev and his daughter
flew for a rare animals.
Tomorrow a boost charge
And start to Blueck planet.
Ok, and today we will rest.
And Im going to football match.
Today there is a football match
Earth  Fix planet, here in the Moon.
- Im going with Alice.
- Thats right. She cant go alone.
But Im already 9 years old!
What would happen to me
on the moon in 22 century?
Even in pathetic 20 century its suppose to had been
a lot of troubles with you.
Seleznev, Seleznev, hey, old man!
I dont believe it! Didnt see you
For so much suns winters!
Didnt see you for so much suns summers!
What are you doing here?
- Oh, we are flying for a rare animals, Thunderzeka.
- For animals? Its great!
What about your little princess?
Shes speaking already?
Shes speaking too much.
She finished second grade.
What? We are growing older, older
So you are telling second grade, ha?
- Yes.
- We should celebrate it!
Four hundred drops of valerian and salad.
But I asked for 400 drop,
And here is 402.
400, we are working accurately.
No-o, did you hear that?
Ah, everybody argue with me.
Nobody loves me.
Oh, what are you telling?
Everybody loves you, Thunderzeka!
Did you hear about planet of Captains?
Yes, it's silence familiar.
Oh, there will be museum
in the name of two captains.
They conquer jungles of Evridica
and they destroyed the base of
pirate Glot, they did such
Yes, yes, yes! All that I know.
And do you know that captains meet
a lot of rare animals?
So, You catch the meaning?
Yeh, I catch, thanks, Thunderzeka.
And its far away?
Oh, its quit close  may be
100 parsecs!
By the way, there headmaster
is doctor Smatterer.
Big friend of mine.
He will show you captains diaries.
Oh, he
Doctor Smatterer!
But why he escaped?
But why?
Ah, can you imagine this?
And he is my friend.
- May be you mistakes?
- Eh, may be.
You see, what does it means
two odd drops of valerian.
3:1 - in our favour!
Seleznev, is it yours kid?
Oh, ha-ha-ha!
Hey! Left the girl!
Gangster! Hooligan!
Oh, put Green down.
He just rescue me.
I even won't lift a finger.
He will know how to attack
the great archaeologists. Bye-bye!
It's disgraceful!
So, what bad news do we have?
- We are flying to Captains planet.
- Long live for captains!
This will not have a good end.
Be careful! Asteroids are very dangerous!
Follow exactly behind me.
Oh, this time everything passed fine.
I studied about them in school!
Yes you are right, kid.
There are captains Kim and Buran.
On their ship Blue seagull
they crossed over all Universe.
Sit down.
How can I help you?
We are looking for rare animals and
captains visited on a lot of planets, so
- Want a cup of tea?
- No, thank you.
First of all we want
to see captains dairies.
Do you need dairies?
- You will show dairies?
-I dont have dairies.
- May be we should left?
- Sure!
It was pleasure to meet you!
And were are captains now?
I dont know anything. I dont flying anywhere.
- And he told us that he dont flying anywhere.
- Thats all very strange.
- I

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