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EnglishOh, Lord.
"Remember when I was in school...
"I always thought of you
as my best friend...
"even though
you were two grades behind me.
"I guess that was because the other kids
used to poke fun at me all the time.
"I mean, Daddy and Harold and Jim...
"they used to make me feel real funny,
you know, like I wasn't even a woman.
"Even Mother made me feel awkward.
"I mean, the way she used
to just stare at me all the time.
"It was as if she was
watching herself grow up, not me."
"At least you got attention."
"Somebody staring at you isn't attention.
It's more like...
"I don't know."
"You feel sorry for yourself a lot,
don't you?"
"I don't think so."
- "No, you do. You always have."
- "Oh, God.
"It's amazing, whenever I share something
with you I get slapped in the face."
"Why do you get so defensive?"
"Because I'm getting attacked, that's why.
"Now, come on, Diane,
you know what you're doing."
"Look, I'm your sister.
And I suppose I love you.
"But I'm having trouble working up
sympathy for your unhappy childhood."
"Here we go again. You had to wear
my hand-me-downs, right?"
"Well, didn't I?
Didn't I have to wear all your old clothes?
"I had one new dress in a five-year period.
"Wasn't just the clothes
being second-hand, they didn't fit.
"The sweaters were all too small.
"I was so embarrassed
about having large breasts.
"Then with your tight sweaters
accentuating everything..."
"They made you real popular."
"It's not the way I wanted to be popular."
- "But I was, wasn't I? More so than you."
- "Shut up."
"Remember the time
the four of us went to the lake?"
- "Shut up."
- "You remember that afternoon."
"Shut up!"
"I've never heard you mention it since.
Let's talk about it now."
"Shut up!"
- Too much?
- Too talky.
Sounds like bad Tennessee Williams.
Breasts too large, Richard?
Every female character you create
has breasts too large.
But I make them suffer for it.
I think I'll take my obviously
inadequate body into the kitchen...
and get some more caffeine.
Let's lie down and discuss the next scene.
It's 11:00.
- What is it?
- I can't tell you. I have to show you.
Is it visual?
It's visual. Very visual.
Is it funny?
If you want to laugh, it's okay.
- Can we take a break afterwards, honey?
- Yes.
You know, writing is so exhausting.
Can I help you?
Babson and McCullen
to see Larry Weisman.
Okay. Just turn left, then right,
and you'll be there.
Thank you.
God, it's been six months and
I haven't found the right color for that car.
- That car is driving me crazy.
- Yeah, it's driving me crazy, too.
What are we gonna tell him
about the book?
We'll tell him
we're not writing the screenplay.
Good. You tell him.
I'm not gonna tell him. It's your turn.
You're gonna tell him.
I don't want to. Please? You tell him.
You're better with words than I am.
- So what do you think about the book?
- It stinks.
Well, I think...
I don't think
that it makes a screenplay, Larry.
- Do we?
- No.
Good. I was just testing you.
You guys are honest with me.
You've got integrity. I like that.
Mr. Weisman,
Bob Prentiss is on the phone.
- He wants to know if you can play tennis...
- Yeah, I know.
No, I don't have the right tennis shoes
with me today.
Shall I tell him
that you don't have the right shoes?
No, don't tell him that. I'll speak to him.
Hello, Bobby?
I would love to play with you today.
No, I can't.
It's my kid. He's very ill.
I just wouldn't be able
to enjoy myself today.
I just want to stay here by the phone
in case I'm needed at home.
That's very sweet.
No, there's nothing, really.
Okay, Bobby. Bye-bye.
They're gonna be wrapping our movie
in about two weeks tops.
- Great.
- How's it look?
I love it! Please.
- It all works.
- Yeah?
- Remember the hassling about the ending?
- Yeah.
I love the ending.
I like the rhythm, I like the tone...
the way it moves, the way it flows.
I think you're gonna be real

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- Daenseo-ui sunjeong

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