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** [Rock]
* There's two boys holding *
* Stars for the wishing *
* Yeah, one boy's sure
One says, I don't know *
* But sometimes I feel *
* We been missing *
* Ooh, love I try
And away they go *
* Oh, oh *
* And this old town *
* The wind starts blowing *
* And the radio sings
the blues for free *
* Mmm, mmm *
* We got the bottle down *
* For soaking dreams, yeah *
* And tears of a clown
Well, hey, that's me *
* And hearts that fall in two *
* Pretend they don't show *
* Holding back the rain *
* Baby, let it go *
* You don't get much
without giving *
* You don't get much
without giving *
* Hey, hey, yeah *
* Hey, hey, yeah *
* Hey, hey, yeah *
* Hey, hey, yeah *
* You don't get much *
* You don't get much *
[Man On Radio]
Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I found him. I found him.
Putnam was right.
He's about three miles south
of the old Butte Road.
* You don't get much **
I got it.
On my way.
** [Fades Out]
Son. Son.
Yeah, it's him all right.
[Plane Passing Overhead]
Whoa. Whoa, son.
Now just where do you
think you're going, boy?
Sure, kid.
We all want to go to California.
My wife wants to go to California.
[Woman On Radio]
Joe. Come in, Joe.
You just stay put.
Now what do you want me
to do with him?
[Woman On Radio]
Take him to his mother's place.
She's remarried.
Her name's Christine Bateman.
She lives on the south side of town.
You got that?
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Okay, son, time to go.
Your mom's waiting
for you now.
So, on these trips that he takes,
has he tried to see Corey or Nick
or his natural father?
Oh, I'm sorry.
What did you say?
Look, he just... he just
picks up his little lunch pail...
What is in that thing...
and offhe goes.
I mean, he could go anywhere:
Downtown, the canyons,
the river.
He doesn't go to the river.
He never even goes near the river.
He stays away from the river.
But I'm telling you anytime...
I mean, he could just pick up
and go.
The Happy Wanderer... at the stroke
of midnight, if he feels the urge,
in the middle of his Frosted Flakes.
I got the neighborhood
on red alert, and I'm putting
the cops on overtime.
Mr. Bateman!
Though Jimmy is
a heavily traumatized boy,
he has a certain fixation
with building, stacking things.
These little monuments he makes,
I'd like to think that
they mean something.
I'd like to think that he's searching
for a way to express himself.
But you don't.
Look, we've been sending this boy
here for two years.
I think it's time we started
exploring some, uh, alternatives.
We're thinking about, uh,
putting him into an institution,
a home.
Is that something original, Dad?
I'm tryin' to cook you guys
a decent meal.
You can't be livin' off
burgers and pizza.
It cannot possibly belong to
one of the four major food groups.
It's a casserole, genius.
Doesn't it look like a casserole?
We saw Jimmy yesterday, Dad.
So how is he?
They're talking about
putting him in a home.
That's Christine's decision.
She has custody now.
You know that.
Well, I'm, uh...
I'm not really too hungry.
I'll grab some a little later.
I wanna know about the pickup.
I found it this morning
covered with mud.
You took it again.
Just gimme a break, please.
- This has nothing to do with the pickup.
- It has everything to do with it!
- I wanna know why you disobey me
when I give you a direct order?
- Why do you do this?
They're gonna put him
in a home, Nick!
He hasn't changed ever sinceJennifer.
Come on. Dad!
He doesn't do anything.
He doesn't say anything.
- What about it, man?
What about the rules around here?
- Don't call me "man,"all right?
- What? The pickup, the rules?
You always do this.
- [Nick] Corey, come on.
No, Dad, will you listen to me?
What, you wanna see that happen? Huh?
You wanna see 'em
putJimmy in a home?
Fine, Dad.
Just because he's

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