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TOM: What's your name again?
CHRlSSlE: Chrissie.
TOM: Where are we going?
CHRlSSlE: Swimming.
TOM: Slow up. Slow down.
TOM: I'm not drunk! Slow down!
TOM: Wait. I'm coming.
TOM: I'm coming.
I'm definitely coming.
TOM: Hold on.
TOM: I can swim.
TOM: I just can't walk or undress myself.
CHRlSSlE: Come on in the water!
TOM: Take it easy.
CHRlSSlE: Oh, God, help!
CHRlSSlE: Please help me!
TOM: I'm coming.
CHRlSSlE: It hurts!
... Iocal fishing reported good.
Amity Boat Rental Yard's opening early...
To prepare for the annual seasonal rush.
This is WISS....
BRODY: How come the sun
didn't use to shine in here?
We bought the house in the fall,
and this is summer.
ELLEN: Somebody feed the dogs.
BRODY: Right.
ELLEN: Do you see the kids?
BRODY: They must be in the back yard.
ELLEN: In Amity you say "yard."
They're in the "yard,"
not too "far" from the "car."
BRODY: How's that?
ELLEN: Like you're from New York.
Mom, I got cut. I got hit by a vampire.
BRODY: You were playing on those swings,
weren't you?
Those swings are dangerous.
Stay off there. I haven't fixed them yet.
ELLEN: I think you're going to live.
ELLEN: It's not the prettiest thing I've seen.
BRODY: Hello.
MlKE: Can I go swimming?
ELLEN: Yeah, but let me
clean this thing off first.
What do they usually do?
Wash up, or float up, or what?
Oh, no.
Keep them there. I'll be out in about...
15, 20 minutes. All right?
ELLEN: Dry you off.
BRODY: Okay.
Go on, get a Band-Aid.
BRODY: Got to go. Missing person.
BRODY: Season hasn't started.
Nobody's even here yet.
Listen, Chief...
-be careful, will you?
-ln this town?
-Hi, Dad.
-Wait a minute. Let me get on.
ELLEN: I want my cup back!
BRODY: You'll get it.
ELLEN: Wave goodbye. Bye.
BRODY: Nobody saw her go into the water?
TOM: Somebody could've.
I was sort of passed out.
BRODY: You mean, she ran out on you?
TOM: No, sir.
She must've drowned.
Look, I reported it to you, didn't l?
-You live here?
-No. Hartford.
I go to Trinity. My folks live in Greenwich.
-Your folks were born here, right?
-Yeah, I'm an lslander.
They moved off when my dad retired.
-You an lslander?
-No. New York City.
You here for the summer? Come on.
BRODY: Hold it.
BRODY: Oh, Jesus.
Well, you're up awful early.
Is the Chief in there?
POLLY: Chief, what have you got on?
If this new filing system is to work,
you must keep outdated stuff off my desk.
-Just the pending, all right?
-Yes, Chief.
POLLY: We got a bunch of calls
about that karate school.
It seems that the 9-year-olds
from the school have been...
Karate-ing the picket fences.
Chief Brody's office. The medical inspector.
The Fire Chief wants you to go over
the Fourth of July--
Polly, I want a list of the water activities
that the city fathers are planning for today.
POLLY: By the way....
BRODY: Hendricks!
Where do we keep
the "Beach Closed" signs?
HENDRlCKS: We never had any.
There's a dead truck with New Hampshire
plates in front of my store.
BRODY: Just have him fill out the form.
Just fill it out.
Look what the kids did to my fence.
8 and 9-year-olds....
KElSEL: Glasses?
BRODY: Yeah, glasses.
I'll call you later in the afternoon. I promise.
This stuff ain't going to help me in August.
The summer ginks come down here in June.
MAN: You haven't got one thing on here
I ordered.
Not a beach umbrella,
not a sun lounger, no beach balls.
If I can't get service....
Chief, Polly sent me to tell you that there's
a bunch of Boy Scouts out in Avril Bay...
Doing the mile swim for their merit badges.
I couldn't call them in,
there's no phones out there.
Okay. Come on, get out of there.
Take this stuff back to the office
and get to work on those signs.
"Beaches Closed. No Swimming.
By order of the Amity P. D."
Let Polly do the printing.
-What's the matter with my printing?
-Let Polly do the printing.
Chief Brody!
VAUGHN: What have you got there?
Listen, we had a shark

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