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Where the hell's Murphy?
Hey, Jafo!
-Go find Murphy.
-Yes, sir.
Sir, Lieutenant Kress
wants you on the pad.
Lose something?
No. You're wanted on the pad.
Mind if I ask what you're doing?
I don't mind at all.
Murph, feeling any pressure?
Yeah, about 1 5 pounds per
square inch at sea level.
Where's Montoya?
Don't you check the duty board?
He's on days.
I forgot.
You're flying with
that new guy, Lymangood.
-The what?
-Me. Lymangood.
Captain Maloney and Officer Reiss,
report to Operations.
If it was me, I'd ground him.
He'll be all right.
Personally, I wouldn't fly with him
for a bull that pissed Jack Daniels.
Is that right?
-All set?
-Yeah. Yes, sir.
You sure now?
Airship-12 rolling out at 1959 hours.
No, make that 2000 hours.
Murphy and Lymangood.
Where the hell's Montoya?
They say he put in for days after
that wingding that Murphy threw.
No shit. Let me call Departure.
L.A. Departure
Control Air-1 2 out at...
... 22000. VFR 5000 will be
coming to you 1. 25.
Traffic advisory.
Lymangood. Lymangood...
...what brings you to Air Support?
Oh, I don't know.
I just put in for observer.
I kind of liked the idea of it.
No guns. No kicking in doors.
You know, just quiet.
Oh, yeah.
All these people! What do you
suppose they're all doing down there?
According to the latest statistics,
1 ,000,775,000 of them...
...are getting it on.
That many, huh?
The rest are waiting
for Laverne and Shirley.
Well, let's see what we can see here.
I got a black guy in a beanie.
Looks like he's selling
dope out of a van.
-Is that a red beanie?
-Yeah, that's him.
This is primo, man.
You want it?
He's ours. Undercover Buy Program.
Right, right.
-You were at the briefing?
-Yes, sir. Guess I just forgot.
You're gonna fit right in.
Air-12, we have
a 21 1 in progress...
...at Burbank and Vineland.
Male Negro,
orange shirt and cowboy hat.
He's armed and has a hostage.
Well, call it in.
Air-1 2 to Central. Proceeding to
the 21 1 at Burbank and Vineland.
Let's get out of here, man!
You dumb idiot!
Your guy's heading for the junkyard.
Orange shirt and a cowboy hat, huh?
Whatever happened to inconspicuous?
Hit him! Hit him with the light.
I got him.
-Jesus Christ!
-Welcome to Air Support.
-Call an ambulance.
Look at that guy.
Ground units! A man with
a gun is behind that dumpster.
No, the other way!
We're going down.
We gotta dust him.
Hit the ground, son. Hit it!
Code 4. They got it knocked.
Sir, what was the business
with the watch?
Back in the Ready Room,
with the watch?
Sort of a test.
If you think you're going
over the edge...
...you lose your sense of time.
With your eyes shut, you can't
tell 25 seconds from 5.
I get it, sir. Yes, sir.
Stop calling me "sir."
You sound like David Copperfield.
Yes, sir. I mean, okay, sir.
Check that ride at 1 0:00.
-Which one?
-Underneath the tree.
How do you see that shit?
See it?
-It's got no plates on it.
-Well, call it in.
Abandoned vehicle.
Air-1 2 to Central. Reporting
an abandoned vehicle. It's a--
Come on, what kind of car?
It's a light tan Chevy.
It's got no front plates.
It's got no plates at all.
It's near the top of the hill
on Linden Road.
Very good.
Oh, thanks.
What time have you got?
You got about 1 0:30?
Been talking to Montoya, haven't you?
Well, he did mention
something about Encino.
I suppose you deserve
full initiation.
You might as well
have your picture taken.
Montoya thinks she's
some kind of movie actress.
Just my damn luck if they
had her working overtime tonight.
Those bastards.
Slave drivers.
That's what they are.
They don't care how hard
they work you, as long--
Oh, my God! There she is.
She's fantastic! Do you think
she knows we're out here?
All she has to do is look
out the window.
1 0:30, right on the dot!
If there's one quality that I admire
in a person, it's punctuality.

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