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На опасной земле

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What's that for?
Just good night.
Oh, Pete, I don't like being alone.
- Pete?
- Goodbye.
- Pete.
- Goodbye.
Thanks, mother.
- Arena. Bostwick.
- Here.
- Kellogg.
- Here.
- Car 401. Connelly.
- Here.
- Fontana. Lanahan.
- Here.
- Car 402. Finley.
- Here.
- Brustow. Wright.
- Here.
Car 403.
- Santos. Wilson.
- Here.
- Yeah.
- Wilson. Daly. Car 405.
- Kelly. Raymond.
- Here.
- Yates. Car 404.
- Here.
Hi, Bill.
- Rooney. Carlson.
- Here.
Young. Car 406.
I don't suppose you've forgotten...
...but, just in case...
...it's been two weeks since
Sergeant Edmunds was shot to death...
...in the gas station
at 103rd and Craig Streets.
Two weeks.
That's a long time.
That's a long time for
a couple of cop killers...
...to be running around loose.
I know you're trying.
Try harder.
Check your circulars.
Recheck all your sources of information.
The names, in case some
of you might not remember...
...are Mushy Castro and Gordy Miller.
Thanks, Captain Brawley.
Crimes reported within
the last 12 hours:
On an ADW at 12:30, Victor Craig...
Four-oh-two. Four-oh-two.
Check with 78-B.
- Who's booking tonight?
- It's Jim's turn.
Car 405. Testing.
One, two, three, four, five.
Four-oh-five, roger.
Car 401. Car 401.
Pearson Clothing Store, 2121 Sterling,
held up by a man in brown felt hat...
... gray gabardine coat,
armed with a blue-nosed revolver.
Pearson Clothing Store, 2121 Sterling.
Let's pull around to Gatos'.
Eighty-seven. Eighty-seven.
Jim. Hey, Jim.
Remember me? Lucky?
- How you doing, Lucky?
- I ain't doing good.
I ain't feeling good. I've been sick.
I ain't been feeling good. I've been sick.
That's too bad, Lucky.
The fuzz.
I had one of my spells.
My heart was pounding.
I thought for sure I was gonna die.
Mighty lucky to be around.
Yes, sir, mighty lucky.
Hello, junior.
How's about buying me a drink?
I'm all dry.
How old are you?
Old enough.
My blood ain't as strong as it used to be.
What I need is a tonic, I guess.
Serve drinks to juveniles,
you get into trouble.
How many times do I have to tell you?
What do you want? Every dame
comes in here, look at her teeth?
Hey, look at my teeth.
Get the kid out of here.
Hey, you. Get out of here.
How you doing, Lucky?
No news, Jim. Honest. No news.
You've been kind of quiet.
I'd tell you, Jim.
You know I'd tell you if I heard anything.
Hey, Jim.
How are you, Jim?
Where you been keeping yourself?
You haven't been around.
I haven't seen you.
I was hoping you'd come in.
Remember that horse you bet?
She paid off.
Look, you won.
I didn't bet any horse.
Thank you, Mr. Daly.
Didn't have any luck?
There's a guy asking to get closed up.
Take it easy.
Five. Twenty-five.
- Matter with your shoulder, Pop?
- Hurt it.
Next time you hit a guy,
don't throw it all in one punch.
- I got this digging.
- What have you been digging?
Digging in the garden
in back of my garage.
- Putting in more roses.
- More roses.
Body reported seen earlier this evening.
Described as female, white, 5'4"...
... age 30, red hair. Help the search.
Hey, there's a redhead.
Yeah, but she's alive.
Four-oh-five, a holdup.
Jerry's Liquor Store, Sixth and Hollister.
Suspect described as male,
white, age around 20, height 5'11 ".
Wearing brown felt hat, gabardine coat,
armed with blue-nosed revolver.
Sounds like a repeat.
Four-oh-five. What was the color
of that suspect's coat?
Four-oh-five, suspect's coat was gray.
- What's the big idea?
- What's your name?
Charley, Charley Dobbins. Why?
- You're running.
- What's wrong with running?
I was at the office. My wife called
and told me to get home in a hurry.
- What's the idea?
- Nothing on him.
There was a holdup.
You fit the description.
I was running. I didn't hold up nobody.
На опасной земле

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