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With government financial support
from Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
Come out, you despicable coward!
Hazyr was busted.
Got in somebody's way.
What's in it for us?
I want to know
where the wind is blowing from.
Forsaj, you used to work
with Hazyr.
What can you say?
So what then?
Hazyr got coco from me,
paid little - half the price.
Because of friendship.
Same time he was pushing
defective cars as quality goods.
- That's all.
- Not so fast.
I'm not pining nothing on you.
Just interested.
Because of friendship.
D'you hear that besides Hazyr
and his men...
a few dozen armed militants
were killed there?
- We know.
- So, two questions arise:
where did the militants come from
and who killed them?
Excuse me, please. We must talk.
A matter of business.
I've come to talk to Matvey.
Who is this? How did he get in here?
Whose are you, lad?
A son of one of the guards?
- Are you Matvey?
- Listen, dog, who are you speaking to?
Have you lost your senses?
Can't see who you're talking to?
Quiet down, quiet down.
Walter, ping the guards,
let them send this puppy on his way.
You have no more guards.
Don't bother calling them.
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Kid, do you even understand
where you are?
Before whom you're standing
and what you're carrying on about?
Now give this kid
a minute of your attention.
- Hello?
- Rita?
- Yes!
- Give your phone to Fragile.
- What Fragile?
- He'll come over right now.
One month prior to these events...
We continue following the
semifinals match...
between teams Si-4 and Team.cfg.
Scores 15:12. Another round is
nearing its logical conclusion.
The winner of this round will face off with
the team Grand-Masters,
the triple champions of Nizhny Novgorod.
- Guys I'm off to the race sector.
- Alright, go on. Good luck.
We congratulate Si-4 on
entering the final!
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
So, "cfg" are out.
"Si-4" we destroy like bots.
We're doing this round like
we planned yesterday in mIRC chat.
Mosquito and Long go under B.
Doctor, Yan and I take the longer route...
and start taking down the A-Plant.
As soon as it's done...
you go under B
and place the bomb. Clear?
- Clear?  - Yes, clear!
- Dima, can I coordinate?
Doc, no.
Vampire is better in tactics.
- That's it. Long, give here your head.
- Pull it!  - Let's go!
Pull, pull, pull!
- Max hello.
- Oh, Dima. Hello!
Where've you been?
At university. But today
I'm competing in combat fighting.
- I told you it's a drug, you'll get hooked.
- No, I just have to pay tuition.
- But I'll have to rip them to pieces.
Okay, go. Good luck!   - Good luck.
Before the final battle
we welcome to the gaming area...
the team Grand-Masters!
While the competitors
are getting ready...
I want to turn your attention
to the chief sponsor...
of our competitions. The company Virtus.
The only Russian company
producing games of world class standard.
Now a word to the company president,
Viktor Pokrovsky.
Dear friends!
For all of you it is no secret...
that our games, with which we are
holding today's tournament...
- A sponsor?
- Yeah.
are analogues we've developed to
the famous Counter Strike and Virtual Fight.
What crap is that? Couldn't do
a normal tournament in Counter?
A question arises: can we
independently produce games...
which will not only compete with the
overseas models...
but will exceed them in quality?
Let's kick the ass of bourgeoisie!
I hear your sarcasm,
but I don't agree with it.
Now pay attention!
Today, in addition to cash prizes...
the lucky winners will receive
a copy of our newly developed game...
by the name of Virtus Antiteror!
And let the strongest win!
Good luck to you all!
- Doc, Mosquito,

- -

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