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It's raining and I can't get a cab,
and I haven't any money anyway.
What the hell,
it's probably just some nice guy...
... who wants to help a girl out.
Just some rich, nice looking guy
who'll give me a lift home.
Yeah, that's all. Nope, that ain't all.
- Good evening, Mr. Rapzinski.
- What is it?
Is letter.
To come and throw in garbage.
Not throw on nice floor.
I, Rapzinski, say this.
Sorry to have taken you away
from your basement, Mr. Rapzinski.
I know how hard you work, keeping
the building on the House and Garden's...
...All-time Ten Best list.
- Sherman!
Yes, Mr. Rapzinski?
- Still making that noise.
- What noise is that?
Tic tac, tic tac."
That's the sound my typewriter makes
when I press down on the keys.
This is the method I use to produce
the stories and the novels that I write.
I am a writer.
- I got complaint again.
- From whom?
No matter. She say you making the noise
all night.
Don't make no more. I, Rapzinski, say this.
Is that all?
Then I will go up to my apartment...
...and you can go back
downstairs and sit in your tire.
National weather summary.
Severe weather along coastline
extending from the Atlantic coast to...
... the southland
Sunday afternoon and evening.
Towering rain storms
in the vicinity of frontal zones...
... borne strong winds,
large hail and heavy rain.
... borne strong winds,
large hail and heavy rain.
Just one thing, Lieutenant.
Do you think Vincent Cole did it?
It could be Cole. I don't know. I do know...
- All right.
- You're surrounded, Vincent. Give up.
Mr. Rapzinski? Mr. Sherman.
Yes, I think there's something
you should know.
Mr. Sherman?
- Mr. Sherman.
- What do you want?
- I have to see you, Mr. Sherman.
- Who are you?
You don't know me,
but it's terribly important.
We make it a rule not to open the door
after midnight.
- We?
- Wolf and I. Wolf is a Doberman pinscher.
Mr. Sherman, please.
It's a matter of life and death.
Sit, Wolf. Come on, boy, sit.
Sit, Wolf.
Is someone chasing you?
I can't discuss it through the door.
It's extremely personal.
- Are you alone?
- Yes.
- Swear!
- Yes, goddamn it.
Say: "As God is my judge, I am all alone."
"As God is my judge,
I'm a little girl alone here in the hallway."
Fink pansy! You rat!
You fruitcake! Rat fink fruitcake!
- You lied about your size.
- You lied about the dog.
He could be hiding,
ready to spring at your throat.
'Cause creeps as yourself,
don't have dogs named Wolf.
What creeps like you have
are faggy, hairy things called...
...Pooky or Doo-doo.
- You must have the wrong apartment.
- Don't try to cop out, you slimy worm.
I got the right apartment.
I got the right fairy.
You're obviously suffering
from aggravated paranoid delusion.
What'd you say?
I'm suggesting you're extrapolating
from your sordid, pathetic environment.
If I weren't so refined,
I'd beat the crap out of you.
You're insane.
That's good coming from a queer
who peeps in girls' windows.
What are you talking about?
About a dirty rat who is so jealous
of what the big boys are doing...
...he squeals to the superintendent because
a girl is entertaining a gentleman.
- Accepting a large tip for her services.
- You admit it! That's a confession!
You're a peeping Tom.
Only thing worse than a peeping Tom...
...is a squealer, and you're both.
You four-eyed fag.
I sense that you're upset...
What kind of a weirdo are you?
You must have eyes like a vulture.
If you'd close your window shades...
I don't like to close my shades.
Too hot in that room.
- Friction, no doubt.
- What is that?
Some kind of dirty joke?
Friction. Oh, yeah.
I get it. Something you probably
wouldn't even know about.
I suppose all the guys you pick up
are air-conditioned?
- I'm starting to get angry.
- You gonna rush at me, claw my eyes out?
- I'm getting angry.
- Get one of your boyfriends to beat me up?
- I'm angry.
- Where are you going?
I'm calling the

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