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Magnificent, aren't they?
God's tears.
It's beautiful.
So are the others.
I, uh...
I guess I just...
have to make the right decision.
In the end, it's not your eye
that must decide.
Did Rebecca call?
Yeah. She'll be at the restaurant
in an hour to take you to the airport.
I put your tickets, passport, and
your new cell phone in your briefcase
and Hong will be there
in ten minutes.
Thanks. See you in four days.
The second you land,
those guys are gonna start poking
and prodding to see what you're made of.
Are you sure I'm the right guy
for this, Walter?
I'm no good at this corporate stuff,
I hate flying--
and isn't this Bob's thing, anyway?
Bob? Come on, you're gonna be fine.
Just don't eat anything
that wears a collar,
and if you need me, I'll be on the beach
in Cozumel screening my calls.
Look...this is a big break for you.
But I'm giving you this account because
I think you're the right man for the job.
Besides, you're gonna be a member
of the family soon, right?
Going down, please.
Oh. Matthew, keep away
from the bang-bang girls
or Rebecca will kick my ass, all right?
- Matty!
- Luke! Hey, man.
- How are you, man?
- I'm good. How are you?
Really good. Really good.
Good to see you. You look great.
Thanks, man. I mean, I do.
You still doing that whole
advertising thing in New York?
I moved back.
- When did you get back?
- Two months ago.
Two months? What are you doing?
You don't call your friend?
You could've called me.
I know. I just--I moved back
with a girl that I met in New York
and I'm working for her brother,
and it's...
That sounds serious.
Maybe. I don't know.
We'll see.
You look very serious.
Look at you.
I know, man.
Hold on!
Listen, man,
I gotta go to a meeting.
Yeah, I need to probably
move my car, too.
And then I'm going to China tonight.
- China? That's weird.
- Yeah, I know.
Let me give you a call
when I get back. Monday?
Yeah, sounds good--shut up!
All right, look, here's my card.
Don't wait two years--call me!
The old shop.
- All right?
- I will, man.
You look good.
That's a nice tie.
Good to see you.
Are you done? Come on!
He's very impressed
with what you've done,
and he assures you
that when you get to China,
you'll be met with much enthusiasm
and support.
Thank you very much.
Some champagne, please.
Excuse me.
Excuse you.
Matthew is a, uh, photographer.
Beautifully, wonderfully creative man.
And here's my favorite sister.
His only sister.
Mr. Hong, Ms. Chin,
this is my sister Rebecca.
Hey, Sweetie. How are you?
As you can see,
Matthew has managed to make himself
indispensable even away from the office.
Here, Sweetie. Just take one of these
to help you sleep on the plane.
Mr. Hong would like
to propose a toast.
Oh, yes.
To a long and prosperous marriage...
of our two companies.
Are you okay?
Um, excuse me.
I'm gonna go make a phone call.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me,
can I have the check, please.
Just a minute!
No, you listen!
And I don't feel like calming down.
It's over, okay?
That's why I wanted to meet.
No, actually I don't think
it was an accident.
It's in the paper!
I don't ever want
to see you again, Daniel.
Stop following me,
or I'll call the police!
Whoa. Hey, come on.
Are you all right?
I pissed her off.
You wanna put that
on this card, please?
Oh! This stupid...
Need some help there, Mare?
- What's up?
- It's so frustrating.
I just can't work out
why there's no sound.
I just...
Matthew? Hello?
Anybody home?
I'll take this one, if you want.
Knock yourself out, kid.
Oh, my God.
- They wanna know how long--hey!
- Mary, I'll be right back.
- Sorry.
- Where are you going?!
Oh, sorry!
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Lisa.
See you inside.
- Probably time to go, right?
- Yes.
Pre-boarding call
for flight 752 to Munich.
All passengers should board
at this time at gate 5-A
I guess,

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