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Дама с собачкой

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To commemorate the centenary of
Based on A.P. Chekhov's story
Anna Sergeyevna - I. SAVVINA
Gurov - A. BATALOV
Written and Directed by
Production Designers
Music by Nadezhda SIMONYAN
Ah, Gurov! Well?
- What do you mean?
- Nothing in particular.
I've had a good sleep for no reason.
Dmitry Dmitriyevich, have you paid
attention to one fact?
A lady walked by a while ago -
you feel like licking your lips
when you see her!
She takes walks with a little white
Perhaps I should strike
an acquaintance with her...
Nikodim Alexandrovich can't do it,
he's with his wife here.
Came to Tula with his own samovar.
Gentlemen, why not?
Nothing special. Massandras.
Scolopendras. It's maddening!
That's her!
No! No!
He doesn't bite.
He doesn't?
May I give him a bone?
Please, do.
Have you been long in Yalta?
About... five days.
And I'm just finishing
my second week here.
Time flies.
And yet it's so boring here.
That's what one usually hears
people saying here.
A man may be living in Belev or
Zhizdra and he isn't bored,
but as he comes here, all you hear is
''Oh, it's boring! Oh, it's dust! ''
You'd think
he'd come from Granada.
Look at the strange light
that falls on the sea.
The water is of such a warm lilac.
That's because the day was so hot.
And in Moscow probably it's snowing
already, everyone wears a fur coat.
The horses are steaming in the cold.
Do you like hearing the Moscow church
bells ringing at Shrovetide?
I don't know.
I come rarely to Moscow.
I was born in Petersburg,
but had got married in Saratov.
Where I live now...
Have lived... for the past two years.
How long are you going
to stay in Yalta?
For another month.
My husband mightjoin me.
He also needs a rest.
Is your husband serving?
In the rural government.
In the guberniya government.
There's no such thing as a guberniya
In the Russian empire,
there're rural councils.
Government, council...
I always mix them up.
I only remember
it's a long name.
At one time I thought of an opera
singer's career, but gave up the idea.
Now I own two houses in Moscow.
I work in a bank, though I was
a graduate in philology.
- It happens so sometimes.
- It does.
Now you know
absolutely everything about me.
- Though, no, not everything.
- What else?
My name is
Dmitry Dmitriyevich Gurov.
I'm Anna Sergeyevna.
Good night.
- Has the mail arrived?
- Yes, it has.
Here. From Saratov.
I see. Two seats.
First class is with all conveniences,
facing the horses.
And with your back to the horses
is second class. You're welcome.
There's something pathetic about her,
all the same...
Rest for a while.
A week has passed
since our first meeting,
and it seems like it was yesterday.
Not long ago I didn't know you at all.
And when I saw you
on the front or in the park,
I thought, ''Here comes
the lady with the little dog again.''
He seems to be envious.
- I must go.
- Go where?
- The steamer is due to arrive.
- Are you expecting someone?
I don't know... Telegrams often
come late. Goodbye.
You are... here?
Anna Sergeyevna!
Why don't we go for a drive?
I think that...
Are you cold?
No, it's just... that...
Are you tired?
It's just...
It's chilly.
It's wrong!
You'll be the first
not to respect me now.
Why should I stop
respecting you?
You don't know yourself what you're
May God forgive me.
It's terrible!
I told you already
that I had got married
and gone to live with my husband
in Saratov.
Other people do live in the provinces.
But I hated Saratov
from the first week.
I went to bed at 9 p.m.
The only diversions were
dinner at three and going to bed at 9.
You seem to try to justify yourself.
I don't want to know anything.
Absolutely nothing.
My husband... I'm sure, a good
Дама с собачкой

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