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Right, then. Go straight to the office...
Don't dawdle on the way
Don't worry
I'll call in 30 minutes to check
Oh, hello Fujio
Is your mother here, too?
Why are you outside?
It's no fun listening to women's talk
Well, why don't we go in together?
I'm fine out here
Right, you wait out here
Aunty! Tell mom...
If she's not out soon, I'm leaving!
I'll tell her
Mrs. Ishino has arrived
Please come in
I hope you're well
Been here long?
A little while
You're very pretty, today
You look stunning, today
Today you're really beautiful
What's with the today-today?
She always thinks she's beautiful
That's a lovely wrap!
You're being sarcastic
You bought it at Mitsukoshi?
No, is it too earthy?
You don't feel it is?
How old are you?
Old enough
Terrible, terrible
What's so funny?
Isn't that it?
Perhaps you're right
Getting a lot of lines recently
Grows older?
You don't have to spell it out
Only when laughing, though
I've tried it in front of the mirror
See, no lines that time? Isn't there?
Let's hear it again
Reminds one of a zoo
Gotta give it up
Fujio is tired of waiting
You'd better leave
Can you solve this?
If you have thirty two 5 sen
and 1 sen coins...
And you're short 2 sen
on a bill of Y130
How many of each denomination
did you have?
What is it?
Fujio's homework, from yesterday
He's starting junior high this year
The preliminaries are so complicated
And if I can't do the work
he's been set...
It kept me up till 2 a.m
Working on this?
Yes. Go on, solve it
Thirty two 5 sen and 1 sen coins...
...2 sen short on a bill of Y130
Forget it. It's our cross to bear
Wait. If you call it X...
You can't do it like that!
No using algebra
A total of 32 coins...
And no using real coins!
I've got it!
It just takes patience
No, that's wrong too
You don't have to get upset about it
They don't do this in junior
If you could do it you'd say they do
Couldn't the doctor find me a tutor?
Perhaps from among his students
I simply can't do it myself
Please ask him
You worry too much
I don't really care who
just so long as he's clean
You're just after a Fredrick March type
That would be lovely
Please, I'm serious
I'll keep my eyes open
Don't forget, will you?
Please, for Fujio's sake
You're leaving?
Off to the Ginza
Today's act of motherly love
My niece from Osaka
arrives here tomorrow
It'll be good to see her again
I like the girl
She's such a smart, tidy girl
Didn't know you had a sister like this
Be serious. Silly
I'm getting hungry
Is there anything to eat?
There are some biscuits
Something a little more solid?
Like what?
What is there?
How about sushi?
A bit too cold...
Then what...Rice?
Topped with eel. But then again...
You're hard to please
Rice with a helping of eel on the side
In a tiered box
You eat a lot! Is one enough?
If not, I'll have biscuits
Is the doctor home?
No, he's at the university
Right, he teaches on Wednesdays
It's Nakanishi on the phone
I'll take it in here
Hello, I'm just testing now
It looks bad for you
You'll never have children
Tidy this up, please
Sir, it's time for your class
Which room?
Number 27
The book I ordered has arrived
Can you bring it to my place?
Salmonella was rife in the town
of Frankenhausen
When Dr. Gartner discovered
the baccilus name...
...after him in 1888
The mode of infection is yet
to be discovered
But a detectable relationship...
...has been established
with the spirochette...
...of the encephalitic bacterium
which reaches epidemic proportions
Nowadays, what we call encephalitis...
...was identified by a Dr. Ekonomo
in Vienna in 1919
Whether the two are the same or not
is still a matter of speculation
Looking beyond these questions...
...at Dr. Ekonomo's diagnosis
of lethargic encephalitis...
Like our friend here
there's no evidence

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