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Artistic Association "Yunost"
A.S. Pushkin
Screenplay by A. PTUSHKO
with collaboration of I. GUELEIN
Based on the fairy tale by
Directed by Alexander PTUSHKO
Directors of Photography
Production Designers
Costume Designer
Music by Gavriil POPOV
Conductor - G. DUGASHEV
Vladimir ANDREYEV as Saltan
Larissa GOLUBKINA as Tsaritsa
Oleg VIDOV as Guidon
Xenia RYABINKINA as Tsarevna Swan
S. MARTINSON as Saltan's Mentor
O. VIKLAND as Mother Babarikha
V. IVLEVA as Weaver
V. KOLPAKOV as Clerk
Yu. CHEKULAYEV as Bed Tender
V. NOSIK as Servant
G. SHPIGEL as Town Governor
Three fair maids far into night
Sat and spun by candle light.
In a forest dense,
A maid went berrying.
Her fill she picked
But her way she lost.
She lost her way
And she called out loud:
Where are you, my love?
Where are you, my own?
My love, one and only...
Were our tsar to marry me,
I would cook and I would bake,
Oh, what royal feasts I'd make!
Were our tsar to marry me,
I would weave a cloth of gold
Fair and wondrous to behold.
Were our tsar to marry me,
I would give to him an heir,
Strong and brave beyond compare.
Greetings, O you maiden fair!
Let us wed,
And by September
I shall want a son, remember.
She to be Tsaritsa? Fie!
'Tis disgraceful, so say I!
- I shall stop this if I can.
- Do not look for trouble, man.
What the youngest maiden said
Made him feel uncommon glad.
As for you, fair sisters two,
Leave your home without ado;
Leave your home and follow me
And my bride that is to be.
Royal weaver you I'll make,
You as royal cook I'll take.
It little matters, so they say,
If you're wise and fair as May...
Fortune favors a boasting fool,
That has always been the rule.
- The idea sets my head spinning!
- I to do that silly's bidding!
No! We'll not do that fool's
Tsar Saltan and his young bride
Now sit feasting side by side.
Tsar Saltan did not delay:
He was married straight away.
Now he sits there by the side
Of his beautiful young bride!
- He is feasting by the side...
- Of his bride!
See him sit there by the side
Of his newly wedded bride!
Fair youth and maiden
Met one another.
Fair youth and maiden
Bowed to each other.
Fair youth and maiden
Vowed troth to each other.
Fair youth and maiden
Live close to each other.
The wine is bitter! Make it sweet!
All our happy days have flown.
She will boss us on the throne.
Now the guests with solemn air
Lay the newly wedded pair
On an ivory bed, snow white,
Where they leave them for the night.
- So, the guests with solemn air...
- Laid the newly wedded pair...
- On an ivory bed, snow white...
- And they left them for the night!
- The cook is full of darkest gloom.
- The weaver's weeping at her loom.
Of her the sisters jealous are
Who, lucky one, has wed the tsar!
- Come, my baby, clap-clap-clap!
Where you been? - On Granny's lap.
- Tell me what you had to eat?
- Porridge.
- Tell me what you had to drink?
- Home-brew.
- I could eat the porridge all!
- But the spoon is far too small!
- Lovely homebrew, drink it up!
- I'm afraid I have no cup!
Come, my baby, clap-clap-clap!
Where you been? On Granny's lap.
Now that the tsar has found a wife,
He wants to rest from war'n'strife.
So that he and his young bride
May live untroubled side by side.
We must see what we can do
To separate those loving two.
Trusty sources say we may
Be attacked now any day.
Tsar, to guard your kingdom and
Keep invaders from our land,
Give your army marching orders,
Drive the foes from our borders.
And, Your Gracious Majesty,
Lead us all to victory!
Ere he rode forth for the strife,
Tsar Saltan embraced his wife,
Bidding her to take good care
Of herself and coming heir.
While he battled on the field,
Forcing all his foes to yield,

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