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To the Stars by Hard Ways.
(new version)
Second engine slow down. Speed 5 meters.
- Got it.
-Third sector; Are you ready?
-We need two more minutes.
It's a strange ship.
Look it up in the Somov's atlas.
It's not listed.
I don't understand.
What's up with Lebedev?
-Sergei; they're waiting for you in the
third sector.  Are you ready? -Coming
Remember, the ship is broken.
You'll have to work in vacuum.  Good luck.
We're moving through the hallway.
Can you see us?
See you fairly well.
What's there?
Just dust floating here.
The equipment compartments
are damaged significantly.
We could use some additional light here.
Can you determine the time of catastrophe?
At least a few months ago.
I' m taking the samples.
This was a laboratory.
Sergei; you're a contact specialist.
Does it remind you of anything?
I don't see any analogies so far.
Many damages...
Narrow corridor...
Wow! People there!
DNA testing.
-Who are they? Humanoids?
Looks like embrions.
DNA differs from ours by 40 percents.
They are not earthlings
It's a like museum of physiologycal anomalies.
It looks like a cloning laboratory.
-What makes you think so?
-They're all identical.
Damn it! They're all identical?
Is it spacesuit?- Yes, but it is not like standart model.
It has no deformations and damages.
Sergei; why did you fall silent?
You're not watching your son?
He'll forgive me.
I don't have a single free minute.
All my sperm whales have gone crazy!
and besides, from a biological point of view
it holds no fascination at all!
Grandpa, you're a conservative-
she's from up there.
We're dealing with a alien kind of mindset.
The very principal of growing humans in vitro
must serve some secret goal.
For all we know she may be
a source of danger for all humanity.
What do you suggest?
We'll quarantine this creature in our
institute of Cosmic Bio Robo Technics,
and will conduct thorough tests.
Tests of it's brain first of all.
When we'll understand everything-
then we'll talk about contacts.
I disagree with Nadezhda Ivanova.
Contact is a two-way street.
I don't argue, but it seems that you've forgotten
about our responsibility.
No, I didn't.  But I also didn't forget about
our responsibility toward her.
Nadezhda! Sergei! I don't understand
the point of your argument.
It's pretty obvious that we're dealing
not with a robot but a human being.
And a pretty girl at that.
Something's scary.
That poor child has force of a robot.
I'm asking the Council to let her stay
at my house.
What if she was created to kill?
Any contact with an alien mind
implies some degree of risk.
And sooner or later this risk
has to be taken.
In your institute she'll be completely isolated.
And this is bad.
Let not only us understand her,
but also her understand us.
A human being must have a house.
It needs to be proved that she's a human.
Let her become a human.
I repeat, I'm asking the Council
to consider my proposition.
Okay; but how are you going to provide
bio-control in your house?
Maybe you could help with it?
Yes of course, but...
That's all for today.
Members of the Contacts Council
Please stay a bit longer.
You forgot completely...
I didn't forget anything, Mother.
You haven't changed a bit;
You're still not overly affectionate.
Come here.
This is your house, and this is your family.
She's new here and we're looking at her as if
she is a hippo.  It's not very nice.
The mysterious beauty may bite?
Stepa; shame on you!
-Father, she's never seen the grass.
Come; come here.  Don't be afraid.
Come in.
You're just as selfish as your father.
You've been gone for a year.  Now you're back.
But I don't believe that you're back.
Because all you can think of is this creature;
It's more important to you than me.
It's more important that Stepan, it's...
-You're wrong, Mother.
I missed you all alot.
You, Stepan, Tanya...
All of you.
But I have my job.

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