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After Nearly Five Years
Of Appeals,
Dino Moretti,
Reputed Lieutenant
Of The Franco
Crime Family,
Was Released
From Prison Today
And Acquitted
Of All Charges
In Connection
With The Murders
Of Police Officer
Frank Castle
And His Family.
Moretti Has Long
Maintained His Innocence,
Claims He Has No Idea
Who Is Responsible
For The 125 Mysterious
Gangland Murders,
Often Attributed
To A Shadowy Figure
Known As The Punisher,
Which Have Occurred Here
Over The Last
Half Decade.
Laurie Silvers
Has This Report.
Mr. Moretti?
How Does It Feel
To Be Finally
It Feels Great.
Just Great.
The Government
Says It's Going
To Appeal.
Let Them Appeal
A Hundred Times.
I'll Still Win.
This Is America.
If A Man Is Innocent,
Justice Prevails.
Are You Worried
About The Punisher?
Let Me Tell You
Something About
This Punisher,
Whoever He Is.
If He Ever Shows Up
Within 1,000 Yards Of Me,
He'll Find Out What
The Word Punished
Really Means.
Now, If You'll
Excuse Me.
And There You Have It.
The Dapper Don,
Allegedly Head
Of The Powerful
Franco Crime Family,
Once Again Shrugging Off
Any Fear Of The Punisher
Despite The Fact
That Over 125
Organized Crime Figures
Have Been Murdered
By The Self-Styled
In The Last Five Years.
This Is Laurie Silvers
For Channel 8 News.
Hey, What Do You Think?
Maybe I Got
A Future In Politics.
Enough Of The Jokes.
Break Out The Champagne.
I'll Get It, Boss.
No. First Things First.
You Guys Check The House.
Mikey, Start
The Music Around Here.
?? Winning
Isn't Everything ??
?? It's
The Only Thing... ????
[Board Creaks]
What The Fuck?
Come On, You Guys.
Party Time.
Switch On Those Cameras!
Keep Them Rolling!
Come On, Guys!
Move It!
Keep It Rolling!
Keep It Rolling!
Look, There's
Somebody There.
I Got
The Tight Shot.
Who Is That?
Holy Shit!
The Punisher!
It's Him!
Move In For A Close-Up!
Are You Getting It?
Out Of The Way!
Are You Getting It?
I Got Shit
All Over The Place!
Keep Them Going!
Come On, God.
Answer Me.
It's Years
I'm Asking You Why.
Why Are
The Innocent Dead
And The Guilty Alive?
Where Is Justice?
Where Is Punishment?
Or Have You Already
Have You Already
Said To The World,
"Here Is Justice,
Here Is Punishment,"
In Me?
Mommy, Aren't We
Going To Wait
For Daddy?
Daddy's Working.
We'll Meet Him
At Grandma's.
Are You Being
Pressured To Resign
As Head Of The
Punisher Task Force?
No Comment.
Do You Have Leads?
No Comment.
Do You Still Think
Frank Castle
And The Punisher
Are The Same Person?
Don't You People
Have Anything
Better To Do
With Your Time?
It's 2:00 In The
God Damn Morning,
For Christ's Sake.
Give Me A Break.
Now, That Was Smart.
Very Smart.
The Chief Of Detectives.
It Must Be Important.
It Is.
I Have A Message
From The Mayor.
I Quote,
"Frank Castle Is Dead."
No More Talk
About Him Being Otherwise.
You Tow The Line
Or You Get The Boot.
You'd Go Along
With That, Too.
We Cannot Let
The Public Think
There's Some Psychotic
Ex-Cop Whacking Off
Wise Guys
Like He's Got
A Hunting License.
Why Not?
Why Not?
Berkowitz, It's Late.
I'm Tired.
You're Warned.
What The Hell
Ever Happened To You?
Excuse Me,
Lieutenant Berkowitz?
I'm Detective Sam Leary.
I Worked With You Once
Five Years Ago.
Did The Moretti
Heroin Bust.
It Was My First Assignment
I Was The Hooker.
Oh, Right.
What Can I Do For You,
I'd Like To Be
Your Partner.
I Don't Work
With A Partner.
But You Used To.
Used To.
Past Tense.
I'm Not After
A Free Ride.
I Can Carry My Share
Of The Load.
I'm Sure You Can.
No, You're Not.
You're Not
Even Listening.
That's Right.
I'm Not Even Listening.
I Work With The Best.
Anything Else
Is A Waste Of My Time.
Think You're
The First To Apply?
No, But I'm

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