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EndCentral Studio of Children and Youth
Films named after M. Gorky
Based upon the book by
Screenplay by G. SHCHERBAKOVA
with participation of l. FREZ
Directed by
llya FREZ
Director of Photography G. TUTUNOV
Production Designers
Music by A. RYBNlKOV
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
Katya - Tanya AKSYUTA
Roman - Nikita MlKHAlLOVSKY
Tatyana Nikolayevna -
Lyudmila Sergeyevna -
Kostya - A. FlLOZOV
Grandmother - T. PELTSER
Volodya - Ye. GERASlMOV
Tatyana Nikolayevna's Mother -
Misha - L. FlLATOV
Sashka - V. KURKOV
Alyona - Ye. VASlLYEVA
"Poetic Notebook"
at 9:15.
"Radio for Kids",
broadcast from Leningrad,
at 10:10.
For school students: "An lnvitation"
(a concert on your demands)
and a radio essay,
"Your Electronic Helpers",
at 10:25.
A concert of Petrov's compositions,
broadcast from Leningrad,
at 1 1 :15...
The fifteenth session
of thermal treatment.
Enough for today.
Now, legs apart,
we start our morning exercises.
One, two, one, two.
Now turn.
One, two...
- Well, how do you feel?
- Fine.
Sit down.
One, two, one two.
Get down. You'll go with us.
l don't want to. l'm fine here.
Half the road your way,
half the road my way.
All right.
Uncle Volodya, take me down.
There we go flying.
We're losing time
at this crossing, ma'am,
and we have three more runs to make.
All right, l'll pay you.
And what do you suggest?
Unloading right here?
l don't know how to talk to them.
ln such cases call me.
Oh, we've got a man in the house.
- What year at school is that smarty?
- She'll go to the 9th grade.
Too small for her age.
My girl's in the 9th, too.
We bought her a size 14 school dress.
Can you imagine? Where're they rushing?
To be the right size.
Uncle Volodya, why don't you shave?
l don't like bearded men.
But our mom likes it.
So you have to submit, Katya.
Are you newly married?
Oh, it's a riot!
Newly remarried!
l'm going to flog you.
On Saturdays after bath.
Brest Drama Theatre
He came to see me off.
He rushed here after his shift,
without getting any sleep.
What do you really want?
You know...
Time will pass never to return,
as it's happened with me.
Mom, l'm begging you.
By the way, Tanechka,
a very famous theatre's coming here.
l know.
l wouldn't go if l were you.
l can't understand that acting
zigzag of yours after university.
You've got too analytical
a mentality. Hasn't she, Misha?
Yes, too analytical.
What a woman!
Why don't you fly?
l like riding in a train and dreaming.
lt's serious.
Why not go somewhere
in winter, all three of us?
Mom, l beg you.
We're going to quarrel.
Tanya Koltsova!
l was afraid you were not in Moscow.
- l put the books under the seat.
- Fine.
- ls that the husband?
- No.
- But he may become one, right?
- Ella, l hardly recognized you.
- Did l get better or worse?
- Better, of course.
Honest? l've lost 5 kilos.
l can squeeze into size 8 now.
We have a terrific "Westside".
Such expressivity! Such a great tempo!
You would look lovely in tights.
Ella, l'm sorry,
l'm seeing my mother off.
You look so much alike!
l was just telling Tanya
how much we miss her at our theatre.
Everybody has failures at first.
Tanya did the right thing.
Our schools are awful, children hold
nothing sacred, teachers are idiots.
Please go into the car.
All right, have a nice trip.
l'll expect you tomorrow at "Westside".
Well, goodbye.
Tanya, l must tell it,
and you bear with me.
We're not supposed to cheat nature,
it will take vengeance on us.
Give me a grandson or a granddaughter.
Even from the first man you meet.
All right, l'm going right now
to look for the first man l meet.
What first man you meet
were you talking about?
The one l'm
to have a child from.
Well, you've met him already.

- XX

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