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I wonder what reservation
they let him off of?
My truck's overheating.
It's 30 miles to the next station.
I need some water.
Maybe you should've stolen
a better truck, Tonto.
- You've got a big mouth, convict.
- He's only joking, Chief.
- Could I have some water?
- You mean firewater, Tonto?
Jesus Christ. Hold it!
He's a state prisoner, you asshole.
Knock it off.
Hold it, you asshole.
Get out of the way.
Don't move, convict.
APO 657, unit 25 to APO 478.
Escape in progress.
Two officers shot.
Fugitives in a blue flatbed truck.
Two men.
An Indian, tall, 200 pounds,
escaped with Albert Ganz.
They're armed and dangerous.
Get here, quick.
Escape in progress. One Indian
and prisoner Albert Ganz.
If we slept over at your place,
you could put on a clean shirt.
What makes you think I've got
any clean shirts at my place?
Great morning.
I want her young, tall, thin.
Real thin.
She's got to have nice legs.
I don't like jeans. Jeans are cheap.
A dress. A nice summer dress.
No, I know you don't get it.
- What about me?
- I need one more for my friend.
Make her an Indian.
No, not with a turban.
A squaw.
It'll be the Walden Hotel,
near Broadway.
Ask for... G P Polson.
Just be a couple of hours. Right.
- That's a crummy breakfast.
- I've got a crummy day ahead of me.
- What are you talking about?
- Jack, I hate that attitude.
What difference does it make?
I make you feel good.
- What do you want from a guy?
- You make me mad.
I don't have time for this.
I've got to go to work.
- You really are hopeless.
- That's what I always say.
- Call me later.
- You want me to? Good.
- Thanks for the coffee.
- Here, take this.
You know what the man said:
The coldest winter I ever spent, was
the summer I was in San Francisco.
We aren't going by the store again.
We need to save a little bit.
- I liked that carpet.
- We can't afford it.
I know we can't afford it,
but I'd like it.
You want me to go out
and steal for the money?
- Surprise, Luther.
- You were locked up.
- I want the money that Reggie hid.
- What are you talking about?
You want that Indian
to snap her neck?
- We were partners.
- Billy, break it.
No. I'll get you the money,
but I can't get it till Monday.
Honest. The place we've got
it stashed is closed.
Monday morning is when it opens.
I'll get the money right to you.
I always liked you, Luther.
You were fun to hang out with.
- We're going to keep her.
- Trust me.
If you mess with us, I'll put holes
in her you never even thought of.
- Ganz, please.
- Don't fuck up.
- Hey, Algren, need any back up?
- No, you make me nervous.
Your wife makes you nervous.
The radio said you had something on.
A guy named Polson
had his credit cards lifted.
One of Polson's cards rented
that green coupe over there.
It's just a laugher?
It was a kid with a switchblade.
- Well, you guys are experts.
- We don't need any big artillery.
I'm just trying to help out.
I love to watch pros work.
- I don't need your help.
- You can come in.
Stake out the lobby.
How's the car running?
- How's the wife?
- Mean as a snake.
You guys were in last week.
I'm not supposed to be hassled.
- We just want to search a room.
- Not unless you've got a warrant.
- You should've been a lawyer.
- What the shit is this?
- We're looking for a Mr Polson.
- Room 27.
- Okay, get it over with.
- Is he alone?
A couple of girls went up.
- You guys be careful.
- And you stake out the lobby.
- I'll let you handle it, Al.
- Thank you.
This isn't exactly
my life's ambition.
It's a part-time thing. I've got a
kid who's staying with his granny.
You don't want to hear personal
stuff. Are you listening to me?
Did you hear a goddamn word I said?
How much money have you got left?
Hi, Liz. It's me.
What's going on?
Nothing, just a couple of cops.
How was your date?
You've got to stop
sitting still for that kind of shit.
Ask who it is. Right?
- Who is it?

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