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Астенический синдром

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Sindrome Astenica
It is well worth it for everybody
to read Lev Tolstoy.
So they will understand everything
and become goodhearted and intelligent.
I had a terrible obsession
I loved to eat a snack
here and there
I worked at the Postal
office for 15 years
Every time I would
deliver a telegram
I would enter in a canteen or a drugstore
And I would eat some snack
And so on for each delivery!
Or going on my road
I would eat bread and sausage by a fence
Good kitty!
Now let's say goodbye to him!
God, what will we do now?
Why did you leave us?
What will we do?
Why did you went away? God!
Natasha, pull yourself together.
Calm down.
Dear, why did you leave us?
What are you saying?
Me and Semjon Aleksandrovich too...
We will carry this pain for all our life!
What will we do?
You're joking!
Where are you going?
Close it.
Should we close it or not?
She went away! What shall we do?
We can't stay here a month!
We have no time to lose!
Now she'll be back. Wait!
- Don't touch her.
Leave her alone.
Go to hell everyone!
So she began telling me
about the snake
Living inside her.
I can't remember were it was exactly,
Somewhere near the breasts.
It was sucking her life energy.
It's a fixation.
A kind of obsession.
Yes, it's an obsession.
Just ignore it! Just ignore it!
What were you saying?
What are you doing here rather?
-I'm going to a doctor, my bones aches.
Fantastic, Vasilij Pavlovich!
Are you going now?
-Yes, I'm going to this healer.
He lives here, out of town.
I'm going there too.
It was indeed that bone-fixer
that healed her from her snake fixation.
How could he do it, if he only fix the bones?
He's very flexible, very good.
Fantastic, terrific!
Let's go down there,
to the bus stop.
What's all that chatting?
Here is the bus.
Again with these dry flowers!
You can't get in!
-This is the end of journey!
Where are you going?
You can't get off from this door!
Help me.
-Let me help you miss.
Here, get in.
Help me.
-Go on.
Do you want to go to bed with me?
-What! Stop that!
Bastard, worm!
-I'll kill you!
Leave me alone, you bastard!
She jumped on me, she's crazy!
What do you want from me?
-I hate you bastards!
She harassed me without a reason.
-You're alive, I hate you!
Why you scream? You started it!
You're bastard, you sick!
Look at you, you're sick,
go cure yourself.
You're a bitch, look at you!
You ruined my day.
Here she come!
Leave me alone.
I don't need you.
What happens to you?
-I don't need you, do you understand?
What did she say?
Where has she been?
-I don't know.
I know nothing.
Don't behave this way.
You're here too.
What do you want?
They're friends, but who are you?
People hurry, going to work,
it's 8 o'clock.
At a window, second floor...
They hurry, I hurry...
Good morning, doctor.
Natasha, where's Nikolaj Mikhajlovich?
My god!
Hello Natasha.
You have a bad breath
and your hairdo doesn't suit you.
Take an holiday, instead.
I don't need your advices.
I don't think I deserve this attitude.
Why do you speak to me in this tone?
I say what I feel.
What's my fault?
Why you despise me?
You're going to sign or not?
-First I'd like to understand.
What happens to you?
You just buried your husband but...
Don't you dare to talk to me about this!
You're not worth my husband's nail,
you're old, you...
Yes! Yes!
Why you decided to resign?
My business.
All passes, all is forgiven, you're young.
You're alive, my husband's not.
Nothing to understand, sign.
Good bye, Natalja Ivanovna.
Hello! Hello! Hello!
You wreck!
The road is not your own!
I hate you!
All of you!
Please forgive me if you can!
Miss, you...
-Go away.
-You're still here?
I'm really sorry!
May I help you?
Don't touch her, I've already tried!
Has some disgrace
happened to you?
Calm yourself.
-Leave her alone!
Let me
Астенический синдром

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