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Белое солнце пустыни

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ENDMosfilm Studio
Experimental Artistic Association
And another thing I must tell you,
my dearest Katerina Matveyevna:
you're appearing to me
as a purest swan,
like you swim to wherever you need
to go, or on your errands...
only it takes my breath away,
so happy I feel,
as though I was shot pointblank
from a cannon.
Written by V. YEZHOV
Directed by V. MOTYL
Director of Photography
Music by I. SHVARTS
Cast: Sukhov - A. KUZNETSOV
Vereschagin - P. LUSPEKAYEV
Abdullah - K. KAVSADZE
Nastasya - R. KURKINA, Petrukha -
Rakhimov - M. DUDAYEV, Lebedev -
Production Manager - Yu. KHOKHLOV
You should know,
my dearest Katerina Matveyevna,
that to date, the class battles have
been completed by and large,
and the day of worldwide liberation
is coming.
So it's now time for me
to come back home
and build a new life
in my native land, so dear to my heart.
Two o'clock.
Have you been here long?
It's just my luck!
Back in hospital I'd sworn to myself:
as soon as I have a discharge,
I'll go straight home,
and not get into any mess.
I've dug up two like you,
and nothing happened...
But the third one...
I pulled him out, and he got at my
throat. A bandit he was.
That's how it turned out. Buried by
his own. I hardly beat him off.
Now I'll dig you up,
and good bye.
Hands down!
A real beast...
that Black Abdullah.
Has no pity for anyone.
If we came here a bit later,
he would've killed all of them.
Why did he do it, Commander? What for?
He's a bandit!
When we finally got to these parts,
Abdullah decided to go abroad
and shoot his harem...
so that no man would have them.
No, with the women, we can't catch up
with Abdullah.
That's why he wanted to do away with
them, because they hindered him.
But we can't abandon them either.
Here, some dried bread and barley
for your trip.
I'm being late. Discharged six months
ago, I still knock about those sands.
I haven't been home for years.
There you go. It will last you
for a while.
You'll get something else in Pedzhent,
but I can't give you any more, sorry.
I've made quite a detour as it is,
now I'm going straight ahead.
Once I get as far as the Volga,
Samara will be at a stone's throw.
I'll have no peace as long as Dzhavdet
is alive. Why have you dug me up?
Sure, a dead man doesn't have
to worry about anything,
but it's so boring.
What is it between you and that
He killed my father...
...buried me,
took my four sheep,
that was all I had.
That... what's his name... Dzhavdet,
is he with Black Abdullah or what?
They hate each other.
Dzhavdet is a coward.
Abdullah is a warrior.
Well, Sayid...
So long!
Look, Commander.
In the old fortress, you should've
taken him through the chimney.
Through the chimney?
Sukhov, give us a hand. With you,
we'll finish him off in a jiffy.
You alone are worth a whole platoon,
if not a company.
East is a delicate matter.
- How come you're here?
- They were shooting.
Look, at least take the women.
Imagine, I've been sitting three days
by the old fortress, with no sleep.
I waited for Abdullah to come back for
his harem. They tie me hand and foot!
- I'm going home.
- Take them, and we'll get Abdullah.
He's at Dry Spring now.
You just take them as far as Pedzhent,
they will be safer there.
And I'll give you a man,
a horse, some cereal...
What do you say, Sukhov?
Yes, I guess there're none of our men
as far as 300 versts from here now.
- That's right.
- Then it's agreed.
Comrade women!
Don't be afraid!
We'll finish off
your exploiting husband,
but as of now, you're under command
of Comrade Sukhov.
He will feed you and protect you...
he's a good man.
Hold it!
Damn it!
Am I going to wander about this
desert for the rest of my life?
Get up!
Белое солнце пустыни

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