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Бодро шагая

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RaulQWalk Cheerfully
This man has stolen my wallet.
You shouldn't steal.
Give back what you took.
I stole nothing and
I have nothing to return
Can we check him?
In my opinion, he should let us.
I have nothing, see?
And you calling me a thief.
You shouldn't participate.
Take care!
It came out well.
With all those people around
it's been difficult to hide it.
That's a pretty car, one day
I would like to drive one.
It's a beautiful ring.
Shut up, I'm not interested
in the ring.
Wouldn't you like a ring
like this?
If you marry me, I will give
you a ring as nice as this.
How stupid, to get angry
for such a small thing.
I'm not as unashamed as you.
Let's beat Chiha,
he attacked Gunpei.
It's not me who
should avenge Gunpei.
Kengi is always strange when
he meets a girl.
You should be careful because
he can find another girl.
Chieko, be calm. I'll
do my rounds now.
For me its better to live
with a girl like you.
- Let's go play golf next sunday.
- I must work.
Maybe the boss was joking.
You should be more patient.
Your works helps us live.
It seems easy.
I'm going, see you in
the next hole.
Here comes, be careful
with your driving.
Sorry, may I accompany
you to your home?
No thanks, it was
just a scare.
I'm sorry I ruined your pic-nic.
I'm sorry you took the trouble
of taking us home.
I saw you before in Ghinza,
while you bought a pretty ring.
I was just making a
delivery for my director.
I couldn't afford
something so expensive.
He can do anything he wants.
Shut up! I'm thinking!
Six can very well beat a
weak one. There's no effort.
Give us the wallet.
"Kengi the knife" you're courageous,
we aren't that persuasive.
The Next Sunday
I'm sorry to have
bothered you.
Last sunday I ruined your pic-nic
I would like it if you pardon me.
I'm glad to have met
a girl like you.
Me too. Its the first time
I feel safe, protected.
My colleagues are all
arrogant and improper.
The girl has got the boss.
She is pulling his hair.
You're lucky, Yasue.
You've found a good man.
But beware, they call him
"Kengi the knife". He's dangerous.
Don't say foolish things.
You're deceiving yourself. If you don't
believe me, look at the tatoo in his wrist.
Do you have a moment?
Director, I know you like Yasue.
Director, I will make Yasue yours.
Tonight I'll send her to
the hotel "The Moon".
You can tell me the truth.
You're only wasting your time
with that girl, right?
I've really fallen in love.
When I'm with her, I try
things I never did before.
Love is not a problem, but
you shouldn't be that bad.
To fight and steal is to be ok?
Shall we just have fun that way?
Sorry, Senko.
Right now I'm like a stranger.
I don't want to see her.
If she comes, tell her I'm gone.
I don't know, he went out this
morning and hasn't come back.
He is still with that girl?
Poor girl, she will become
our boss.
I made a joke on her. I've send
her to the hotel "The Moon."
A little gift to our boss.
What does the girl has
to do with the hotel?
I'm doing it for you,
because I love you.
Forget her, I beg you!
Don't touch me, I won't allow it.
I'm not good, but my heart
is true.
I love you truly.
You only like your type.
You are so selfish you can
only love your type.
I will only see you again
when you are honest.
Just after you left, Chieko came
desperate. Look what she did.
Since today we end this
kind of life.
I wish to work honestly.
I no longer wish to live
this horrid life.
It would be better for you and
Yasue to work and live honestly.
Aren't you a little selfish?
Instead of giving me this stolen stuff,
why don't you give me a way to change my life?
If you are sure of your decision,
look for an honest job.
To not be a mute, don't shout.
Are you kidding?
I'm not shouting.
Senko, are we ok?
Boss, will you give me
some money?
I don't have money for you,
I can't give you anything.
If you have money for Senko,
why not for me?
Бодро шагая

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