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EndPoem translated by "From the
Ends to the Beginning" project
Elephant and Pug
based on Ivan Krylov's poem
Pantaleymon Sazonov, Lamis Bredis
Art director - V.Bochkarev
Composer - Iosif Kovner
Animators: L.Dikovskiy, L.Popov
Lidiya Reztsova, Tatyana Fyodorova
Background artists:
V.Rodzhero, V.Suteyeva
Camera - P.Alipova
Sound operator
Tech. assistant
Hey neighbor, stop the fuss,
look at you barking yourself hoarse,
and he just strolls nonplussed
and doesn't care one bit about your noise!
That's just what I enjoy,
since I can be a real tough guy
without a single blow or bruise!
That way, the other dogs will say:
"To bark at Elephant this Pug
must be a real strong mug!"
The End


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