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Всемирный квартирный кошмар

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That's why no one answered it.
Brother Iri?
Is anybody there?
Brother, are you here?
Taking a shit?
Something's wrong...
You there, brother Iri?
It's me... Ita.
Don't joke around. Open the door.
Are you listening?
A message from Kokubu...
Are you listening?
Brother! It's me, Ita.
Honestly... Brother...
Are you sure?
It's me... Ita.
Take it easy.
You almost killed me.
What do you want?
Kokubu said...
He said...
He couldn't reach you.
So he asked me to come.
What I mean is...
Just call him.
Are you alright?
You look bad.
Is it your health?
- I'm okay.
I'll see them tomorrow.
Brother's not looking well...
Maybe he's into heroin...
Not good at all...
Of course we've got nice girls.
We brought 'em in from abroad.
The hotel in downtown? Yeah, which?
The Eden hotel? Right.
Room Number?
Right, 203. Thanks.
Here's a job for you...
Shinjuku. Royal Hotel.
Room number 417.
Hello, Machiko Club.
Ah, yes, wait a second.
Ita, it's Kokubu.
It's Cindy. Talk to her.
Yes, this is Ita.
What were you thinking?
You sent a box of mangos.
I wanted women not mangos! Are you stupid?
Mangos are women?
Kokuryukai isn't a grocery!
You misunderstood me?
What's that supposed to mean?
Are you that fucking stupid?
You know the apartment house...
- The one we're buying.
I want you to handle it.
What about brother Iri?
I told him to contact you...
- Ah, forget him.
We'll deal with that.
Our young members are in Taiwan.
We don't have anybody else.
But I'm busy with my own place...
- You the only business person?
The apartment job comes first.
Ita, you run a good little place for us.
But this is very important.
Don't you agree?
Yes, sir.
International people live there.
We need someone like you for it.
Someone who understands
international people.
I know how to handle foreigners.
- What?
Do we need the girls from Seoul?
We're expecting...
What's going on?
You didn't know? Brother Iri...
We can pay off Japanese tenants,
but foreigners don't understand.
Probably they're here illegally anyway.
You need to 'persuade' them out...
And without getting anyone killed, right?
So, Machiko Club will be closed...
For one week.
I'll give you one week only.
One week?
Clean that place out.
Do it.
Nobody's home anymore.
I'd love to get away, too.
Isn't Rakusha Asian?
Can't you hear me?
Hey, you! I'm talking to you!
You from India?
- The same thing!
I won't hurt you...
if you leave the apartment.
You have one week.
One week to get outta this place!
This apartment will be torn down.
We're gonna build here.
Yes, we'll build another building.
Do you understand?
I understand a little Japanese.
You joking with me?
What, then?
Does your shoulder hurt?
Do you want me to fix it?
Excuse me, where is Iri?
None of your business!
Pack and leave here!
You! I'm not finished with you!
Where'd you dirty Koreans live?
Are you... the new boss?
So you heard the news, then.
Oh. You're the newspaper boy.
We don't need the newspaper...
Talking about me?
I'm a Yakuza!
Ah, Yakuson! Pleased to meet you.
Hey, wait!
Don't talk at the same time...
I am...
You must leave.
Hear me?
You have one week. Listening?
Hey, wait a minute!
Open up.
Open the door!
I'm going crazy here...
Hey. Hey!
Who are you?
My name's Chan.
What you say?
Like the girl singer?
You're too ugly to be Agnes Chan, idiot.
You're not Japanese, right?
Do you live here?
In a group, no.
Alone, yes.
What the hell you saying?
I'm Chinese.
Studying... Japanese. In school.
You can call me Chan.
So, you do live here, right?
No, I don't.
I live alone.
You need more Japanese lessons.
But I give you credit for trying.
A mirror image of a foreigner.
Mirror? I'm a...
Всемирный квартирный кошмар

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