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ENDOh, I can't. I can't stay awake.
Stay awake, stay awake.
Adderall, gone. Ritalin, gone.
Amitriptyline. What is it?
Modifinil, CNS. Dopamine.
A stimulant. Clonazepam.
Clonazepam, good.
That's right. Yes. Good.
Citric acid, yes.
Oh, sugar, sugar. Fructose.
Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew.
Let us out! Please!
Who are those people? Who are they?
What are they trying to do to us?
No one's ever gonna hurt my son.
I can't stay awake. Please stay awake.
Yes, you can, yes, you can.
I know you can.
Stay awake. Yes, you can.
Come on, come on.
Let us out!
Open the door! Open it! Open the door!
Tragic news tonight as
the space shuttle Patriot explodes...
...during an unscheduled
landing attempt...
We felt, you know, the explosion.
- A trail of destruction and debris
from Dallas to Washington.
Pieces all over the pasture
and in the yard, everywhere.
Watching it, make sure nobody touches it,
nobody runs off with it.
Why is it important for people
not to touch it?
It's contaminated.
Could be contaminated.
Of course, we all got out and we touched it,
some of us did.
Crucial questions remain unanswered.
Debris has been seen
from Dallas to Washington.
The shuttle accident has shocked
the nation and the world.
Impromptu memorials can be seen
where debris has fallen.
The scene here is surreal.
We've seen a stream of officials from a
number of federal agencies coming through.
- Kaufman, CDC?
- That's right.
Right this way, please.
Mr. Kaufman!
Dina Twain from CNN. Can I ask you what
the CDC is doing here, Mr. Kaufman?
Hi. President's on his way back
to D.C. Tonight.
I'm supposed to brief him at 6 a.m.
Can we make that?
- We can try.
- Right. Show me what you have.
Over the retrieved debris...
...we're recording a contamination rate
of almost every square meter.
We're projecting a contamination zone
of an alley about 200 miles wide...
...from D.C. To Dallas.
- My God. What is it?
Our biotechs are in full meltdown mode.
This is a highly resilient organism...
...able to survive the bitter cold of space
and the searing heat of reentry.
Initial cellular diagnostics show
it exhibits monoploid characteristics...
...with high levels
of calcium dipicolinate...
...both commonalities to an endospore.
A spore? Jesus.
One thing's for sure,
it ain't from around here.
Sir! This was on our roof.
The president is on his way back
to Washington from Camp David...
...to meet with his closest advisors
over the space-shuttle disaster.
Hey, Casper.
Good boy.
I thought you'd never get home.
Your ex-wife called twice.
Do you wanna watch this?
I mean, for work or something?
I should get to bed.
I gotta be back on the Hill
in a few hours.
Well, you should've called. I could've
been sleeping in my own bed right now.
Federal officials are removing
several pieces of shuttle debris...
...from a disturbing source: EBay.
Ollie, it's okay. It's okay.
Look at me. It's Mommy.
Oh, baby.
Oh, hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You just had a bad dream.
You got those nightmares
back again, huh?
Everything's all right. You lie down.
There we go.
There we go.
We'll just have to make those
nightmares go away again.
Hundreds were killed this morning
in the bloodiest attack in Iraq...
...since the start of the occupation.
A mixture of toxic chemicals
was strapped to suicide bombers...
Ollie? Breakfast.
Dr. Bennell? I have a call for you.
I'm just finishing my notes.
- I know, but he is very insistent.
- Who is it?
Your ex-husband.
- Hello?
- Carol, how are you?
I'm fine, Tucker. How are you?
I am fine. I'm really fine.
I'm back in D.C. Again.
In our old house.
It is such a nice house.
What do you want, Tucker?
I want to see Oliver.
- I miss him.
- No.
Carol, I have a legal right to see my son.
Ollie, I don't believe it. Come on.
Get dressed. We got 15 minutes.
Come on.
We should walk to school every morning.
This is nice.
You wouldn't say that if it


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