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Токийские сумерки

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blacktokyo twilight
Script Ozu Yasujiro and Noda Kogo
Cinematography Atsuta Yuuharu
Hara Setsuko
Arima Ineko
Ryu Chishu
Yamada Isuzu
Takahashi Teiji
Taura Masami
Shin Kinzo
Fujiwara Kamatari
an Ozu Yasujiro film
Long time no see.
-lt's been a while.
-lt's getting cold, isn't it?
-Yes, it is.
ln town visiting?
Just a short visit.
The new branch manager comes here often.
l guess he likes sake.
Do you want some salted trepang?
It's from my hometown.
Could you also heat some sake up for me?
Of course.
Same for me.
Some salted trepang and some more sake.
Right away.
As soon as you people
become regulars here,
the head office sends you off
somewhere else.
But l suppose it means
you're getting a promotion.
Have you seen Akemi?
She went skiing with some friends.
On the other side of Shimizu Tunnel
where the snow banks are
350 kilometres high.
That's impossible. Not 350 kilometres.
-Centimetres, right?
-Centimetres? Maybe.
What about your daughter,
has she gone yet?
She hasn't yet, but she will any day now.
Would you like some oysters?
They were sent with the trepang.
How do you want them?
-With rice.
-All right.
Me, too, cooked with vinegar.
-Mix it into the rice after.
-l'll take it with vinegar, too.
-You, too?
-lt's so cold out.
-lt sure is.
This is really good.
You're from Shima Peninsula, right?
Yes, thereabouts.
Really, is that right?
That's where my brother-in-law is from.
Are you familiar with that area?
Not really,
but l visited Kashiko Island once.
lt's a nice place.
You must be in the pearl business.
No, l'm not.
Actually, l'm a banker.
Out there, the sea is so blue.
lt's also very deep.
Once l took a boat out
and sailed around that whole area.
Pearls need a place like that
to grow in.
Mikimoto, the ''Pearl King'', was very smart.
lt's true.
You know something?
A few nights ago,
Numata was here very late.
Really? By himself?
No, with two of his students.
He was already drunk when he got here.
The students were taking him home
at the time.
-Did he cause any trouble?
-No, nothing like that.
Does he come here a lot?
Not that much.
He left his hat.
He'll come back for it.
Here, l got this one.
l'm home.
-You're home.
Cold out, isn't it?
-ls Tomizawa here?
-l let her go home.
ls Michiko sleeping?
When did you get here?
Did you eat, Father?
Yeah, l already ate.
Did you see my socks?
-Where are they?
-Are they not there?
Tomizawa must have put them in the wash.
Can you look in the bottom drawer?
Here you go.
How's Numata?
l read one of his articles
in a magazine recently.
You did?
Very interesting.
Do they often ask him to write for them?
ls everything okay?
-What do you mean?
-At home?
-Do you want tea?
-Come and warm yourself up.
lt's late.
That's okay.
Did Numata go home?
-That night he went out drinking.
l don't remember.
He often goes out drinking.
-Does he get very drunk?
He's been drinking a lot recently.
l think something's bothering him.
What could be wrong?
-Welcome home.
-Were you here?
-l prepared your bed.
-Thank you.
Do you want tea, Akiko?
No, thank you.
-Aren't you going home?
Why not?
Did something happen again?
What's the matter?
ls it you and Numata?
That can't be good.
Do you want me
to make up your bed, Father?
Nothing can be done.
Come sit with me, Takako.
Tell me what's wrong.
lt's nothing.
-Just drop it.
That's just the way Numata is.
What do you mean?
lt's like a disease. He gets so angry
and takes it out on Michiko,
the poor thing!
Whenever his friends praise him,
or when he has problems...
But that's not your fault.
lt's his own mental illness.
l'll go and talk to him.
You'll regret it.
He's so unpleasant.
l'll let you know
if anything goes wrong.
l'll talk to you later.
-Someone's here to see you.
-All right.
-Hello there.
-Hi, Sis.
-What's wrong?
Токийские сумерки

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