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In woderful, joyous, great tell-tale land
there was a tell-tale bandit and a tell-tale king.
King was very pink just like little rose,
bandit wasn't pink, he was black as the night.
There was a blue lady in colour of blue flowers,
you've hardly seen such skimpy lady.
And there was also a green beast, I won't say what.
Believe it or not, believe it or not
There lived a
Where's the golden boy?
What a king!
Sorry. Poor yet still a king.
Wallet or life!
Just a minute. I'll help you.
I have a fly here.
Thanks, dear, thanks, Golden [Boy].
Where's Golden [Boy]!
Thanks, boy, thanks, Golden.
Where, where is Golden Boy?
Packet or life!
No, no.
Golden [teeth].
Golden...only out of customer's own material.
Only out of customer's own material.
Golden Boy!
Where's Golden Boy?
Excuse me, haven't you seen Golden Boy around here?
I'll cut the boy, saw him into pieces
and sell in the market. Neat.
I'd like to take vacation from bandit business;
I need a trip to resort.
I, too, need gold to be completely happy,
I'll buy hundred necklaces and hundred earrings.
I'll put broach on broach and wear pearls all over
from top of my head to the very legs.
I need to get gold to buy new throne,
that's a matter of royal honour.
I must have comfortable throne because
it's hard for kings to sit in place.
Friends, if I'll make golden teeth for myself
I'll go to forest and live like a tsar.
I'll dring real wild honey throughout the whole year
and I'll eat shish-kebab.
What's happened to you?
Let's go to doctor.
That's not painful at all, let's go.
Why should you need golden [teeth]?
Teeth like this are better. Look.
Thank you Boy, thanks, Golden.
Now I know you are truly golden boy.
Wait for me here, I'll bring you something.
And for myself, too.
Where's my boy?
So...this knot and strap...
My golden one...
Why are you doing that with your nose all the time?
Proffesional disease. I work graveyard shifts.
It's all damp. Understand?
You'd better go home and get warm.
I don't have a home.
You don't?
Then go work at factory, they'll give you a flat.
Factory? I can't.
There's collective, there are much people
but I'm used to solitude.
Then go as a night-watchman.
Do you think I'll manage it?
Of course. Look, there's office, try your luck.
Let's give it a try.
You sit here meanwhile.
House management.
All sorts of folk running around! Wipe your feet!
Where's my boy?
Boy, that is, golden, that is.
My boy! Mine!
Golden, you say.
Show what you have in your pockets. Go on, go on.
What is this for? And this?
Thank you, Golden Boy, thank you!
My boy, my golden boy.
I'm not golden, I am gingery!
Don't run so fast, stop, your highness.
There's a huge amount of gold in this boy.
Boy will improve royal conditions.
You're running after ginger, not golden boy.
No, I see he's made from noble metal.
What to do? Where should I, the king, go?
Become a janitor, you'll communicate with more people.
What are you saying? Me - a janitor?
And the more - with people. I am the king.
Are you a king?
Real king?
How couldn't I be.
Then you should go to museum. We'll walk you by.
To museum?
We we re scrimpy and all dreamed about the same,
we chased gold all our lives.
We had this foolish thought, but the most beautiful...
our boy...darkness...
The most beautiful thing in the world is goodness of heart.

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