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- Yevgeni Petrovich?
- Yes?
Excuse me, please.
- There's someone to see you.
- Who?
Comrade Troyan
of The Writers Union.
Said that you promised
to see him.
Yes, I promised, indeed.
Invite him in.
- May I?
- Please.
- Hello.
- Hello. Comrade Troyan?
Yevgeni Petrovich,
you, of course, can guess.
I want to write about you.
People who explore space.
About your life, your job.
Must disappoint you.
There's nothing interesting yet.
No romantic plots,
no fascinating adventures.
Work. Persistent work.
blueprints and mathematics.
Please, this way.
- Look.
- A space ship?
- A sketch.
- But it's interesting!
- Yes.
- I dream...
... to be one of the first
passengers on that ship.
Well, I don't think
that will happen anytime soon.
Pardon for saying
but Tsiolkovski said
that our generation will take
ships to neighbouring planets.
I see you prepared
extremely well.
So you've come to take
a small walk in space.
- Andrei Vasilievich?
- Yes?
- Meet our engineer.
- Gordienko.
- Troyan.
- A writer.
Understood. Please.
Please, come in.
This is the first.
This the second satellite,
we can say.
- It's light?
- Yes.
Please, this way.
- This is the third one?
- Right.
- Tut-tut-tut.
- Don't touch, off limits.
- Sorry.
- Please, this way.
Well, what do you think?
You like it?
Of course.
- What is it?
- A space station.
Eternal, artificial satellite of Earth.
It will rotate far from Earth.
Excuse me, how far?
- A couple dozen.
- Of what?
thousands kilometres,
of course.
- Tell me what are these dishes?
- Helio stations.
Observatory. Fuel tanks.
In this ring there will be...
labs and living quarters.
But it's possible that
this can be
a hotel for businessmen.
I imagine there
wouldn't be just a few.
- Look here.
- What is this?
These are letters.
Letters from fans of space.
Doctors, pioneers, engineers,
miners write.
In a word
all ages and all professions.
Here is a letter. This one is written
by a "mature" person.
He is already 13 years old.
A Boy Scout. Very "experienced".
He wrote that he's flown
on a plane, a helicopter--
And now he wants
to fly in a rocket?
He demands it!
The latest space fashion.
Meet, our film operator,
Aleksandr Listopad.
The costume is elegant.
And moreover reliable.
It protects from
the cold of space and the sun.
And a visor to protect
from the sun.
You want to try it on?
- Me?
- Are you afraid.
Sasha, feels in the day
like he's in his pyjamas.
There you are.
You can't hear anything.
And he can communicate
only with the help of a radio.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Please meet our doctor,
Elena Mikhailovna.
- Are you going to test?
- Yes.
- Lena. Excuse me for a moment.
- Please.
- Lena, are we still on?
- Yes, of course.
- Only don't be late.
- No, no, no.
Excuse me, may I participate
in the testing?
Yes. Please do.
There is still so much
I don't understand.
But after spending
days in the Space Institute
Has already transported me
into the future.
Really, the people of today and
myself will be witnesses
to eternal dream of humanity:
to fly into space?
- Goodbye, Papa.
- Goodbye, Lena.
Be careful.
Mama, what, again?
You already promised, don't cry.
- Olga, don't worry.
- I'm not crying. I'm just scared.
Andrei, look after her.
And you don't get a cold.
Yes. They say that around
the stars is very windy.
Well, Andrei, be healthy.
Well, that's all.
That's all.
There's no need, Vera.
There's no need.
But it is so unexpected.
Kiss the kids.
Can you move
a little to the right?
Maybe you take off
the cover.
Cover? Oh, yeah,
of course.
Tell me, what is your name?
I'm Aleksandr. A film operator.
I want to film a story about
the space station. And you?
- I... .
- You are a science worker.
What made you decide that?
Your magazine has such
complicated design drawings,
that it

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