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Как только сможешь

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How would you like to have
your goddamn rig impounded?
Sorry, Officer. My hand slipped.
You better get ready
to hock your tricycle, Jack.
Yeah? Let's see your money, big mouth.
- $200 on Philo!
- You're covered!
I'll go handle this.
$50 on Philo.
What's your name?
- $1,200 more on Philo!
- You're covered!
You know,
we're covering over $8,000 so far.
We'll eat him for breakfast.
Hell, Joe whipped every Marine
in the 1st Division.
He ain't a Marine.
- Jesus, he's big.
- Yeah, he's siZeable.
They said he beat everybody
in the Marine Corps.
I ain't a marine.
I got $2,800 from the boys in Bakersfield.
You're covered.
You lose this fight, we'll be patrolling
Death Valley for the next five years.
Don't worry about it, Sarge.
Eat him up, Joe.
Eat him up.
Take care of Clyde, will you?
You know he likes to crap in squad cars.
Hey, hold it.
Okay, Joe. All right!
He's killing him!
He's moving pretty good for a corpse.
All right. That's it.
- He ain't down yet.
- He ain't and I ain't putting him down.
If you want to take his place,
we can arrange that.
- Fight ain't over till he's down.
- Shut up.
Great. You got him.
- How much we pull down?
- $1,200.
Where's Clyde?
- Shit.
- There.
Clyde, you got damn little respect
for the law.
Sergeant Smith.
This is going to be my last fight.
How come?
Right turn, Clyde.
I'm getting to like the pain.
- Well, I guess it's time, then.
- Yeah, I think.
I don't understand it.
I whipped every marine in my division.
- Some real tough guys.
- Jesus.
How can you stand the stench?
I can't smell nothing.
The Captain won't really transfer us,
will he, Sarge?
Seeing as we flushed $2,800
of his hard-earned bucks...
...it's Death Valley, son, believe me.
- Some real tough guys.
- Pull those guys over! They're littering!
- Shut up, will you?
Pardon me, sir, was that $3,000?
No, it is not $3,000.
Mr. Paoli bets $30,000 on the challenger?
- That's it!
- He never touched him!
Your animal's going to be dead
in 15 seconds.
Keep your terrier in his cage, Beekman.
Junior, he is only looking out
for my interests, that's all.
- Your money will be here by 5:00 p.m.
- I expected no less.
- Did you set up a fight for Wilson?
- Not yet.
Come on.
What the hell am I paying him
$5,000 a month for, to sit on his hands?
Nobody will take him on.
Not after what he did
to those last couple of guys.
Maybe we ought to set up a match
between Wilson and the rattler.
You would lose a good rattler.
There is a guy on the West Coast
named Philo Beddoe.
Philo Beddoe.
- I never heard of him.
- Some folks from Dallas think a lot of him.
Yeah? Which folks?
The folks that bet.
And he's well-known in California.
I think we could get a good piece
of action on this one, Jim.
- All right. You set it up.
- All right.
Well, Loretta, we've talked about it
for 20 years, but now we're doing it.
We're in California.
I hear people here are a little peculiar.
Loretta, folks are just folks the world over.
- Luther.
- Yeah?
I think we should go back to lowa.
- You didn't tell me she was here.
- I didn't know. We can go.
Do you mind if I sit here?
No. It's a free country.
You're still mad at me, I guess.
No, I like having my guts kicked out.
I didn't mean to hurt you. I was mixed up.
- What do you think I was?
- I'm sorry.
That's in the past.
Yeah, it sure is.
Do you want me to leave?
All right, Clyde, keep your pants on.
I'm coming.
I knew you and Philo came in here a lot.
So, I told them I'd sing for nothing
just to get a chance to talk to him.
I guess I shouldn't have bothered.
- I don't like drinking with filthy apes.
- Clyde is a clean ape.
I'm going to kick his ass out of here.
If I was you, friend, I'd sit back there
and I'd have myself another beer.
- You ain't me.
- No.
- I'll have another beer.
- Right.
Looks like Clyde's getting a little rowdy.
We better get out of
Как только сможешь

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