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SkyFuryI need to talk to that motherfucker!
You hear me?
I want to talk to that fucker right now!
I want that motherfucker!
You find that bastard now,
or I am gonna...
I'm gonna shoot my whore wife,
and I'm gonna shoot the boy!
Joe, just relax,
Relax, We're looking
for your wife's boyfriend,
- and I'm gonna find him, all right?
- You want to help me?
Which one do I shoot first? Do I shoot
the whore, or do I shoot the whore's boy?
Huh? You help me choose!
No, no, Joe,
nobody wants to hear gunshots in there,
You scare us all out here,
Now look,
I've been trying to help you all day,
All right, You want me to help you,
you gotta help me,
You don't know what it's like, man.
You do not know what it's like.
You do not know what I've been through.
You don't know what I'm going through.
You don't think I got the balls, do you?
I know you got the balls, Joe,
- No, you don't think I'm gonna do it.
- Joe, you got the gun,
You can do whatever you want,
I feel so tired, man.
When in Christ am I gonna sleep?
I know you're tired, Joe,
You've been up all night,
Come on, Let me come down there,
- What do you say?
- No! No, no!
Fuck you!
You all right?
I hate this fucking guy,
Jeff, I'm leaning toward an entry,
We know the boy's in his room, If we move
now, we got a 100% chance of saving him,
- We're giving up on the mom?
- She's 20% at best,
Jeff, we gotta move on the boy,
It's the only choice,
- This one's getting away from him,
- Shrink-wrap, don't talk like I'm not here,
- We've been here for 16 hours,
- Fucking new guy,
Everybody calm down,
We're all tired,
I'd just steer Joe away from the subject
of choice, Choosing represents...
Tell me something I don't fucking know,
Wait, wait,
- I hear crying,
- The boy's awake,
We've gotta keep the boy in his bedroom,
Shut up, Sean, Shut up!
Hey, Joe, It's me, Jeff, I'm back on,
Listen, let Sean's mom
take care of him, all right?
He's such a little shit, you know?
He's a little shit.
He's probably hungry,
'cause he wakes up and he just whines...
- Tell you what, Let me do you a favor,
- ... till that bitch feeds him.
Find out what Sean likes to eat,
and I'll send it in,
Him and his mom can eat in the bedroom
while me and you fix this thing,
- What do you say?
- Sean!
The cops want to know
what you want to eat, so get in here.
- The boy's moving from his bedroom,
- Get in here!
Our guys put him at 80%,
Hey, this is Jeff Talley.
Son, I need you to move back
to your bedroom, OK? Right now.
- Mr, Talley?
- Yes?
Are you gonna save us?
Yeah, Sean, I'm gonna save you,
Now I know why you couldn't choose,
It's because God
decided everything already.
Me and the whore are gonna go to hell.
- No, Joe, Just... Look, relax, Just relax,
- But my boy's gonna go to heaven.
I'm sorry, Jeff.
Joe, listen,
Come on, Joe, Pick it up, Pick it up,
- I hear ringing,
- Pick it up,
- It's just ringing,
- Pick it up, Joe,
Jeff? He's saying something,
- We got movement!
- Fuck!
- Where's your shot?
- We lost the shot,
- Where do you want it?
- Side one, opening two,
- I'll put him there,
- O my God, at the end of this day,
I'm heartily thankful
for all the graces I've received.
I'm so sorry for all the sins
I've committed against you.
Please forgive me, O God.
And graciously protect me
at the end of this night.
Blessed Virgin Mary, my heavenly mother,
please take me under your protection.
Joe! Hey, it's me, Jeff...
And St. Joseph.
I'm outside your house!
Saints of God, please pray for me.
Just come to the window
and talk to me! Come on!
- Amen.
- It's me, Jeff! Just come on!
Joe, only God

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