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filmA fragment of Empire
Theme: K. Vinogradskoj
Scenario: F. Ermler
direction: Friedrich Ermler
Operator: E. Schneider
Art direction: E. Enej
Leningrad 1929
There was civil war.
The troops of Yudenich approached Petrograd.
The Red Army was retreating.
God bless you.
So many boots
bozmi boots.
nothing is missing.
drink ... drink ...
(Yakov Pudkin)
The typhus victims are not
dangerous anymore. Bury them.
- Well?
shoot now! ..
- You will die by yourself.
(Chergey Gerasimov)
Your excellency!
This is a contused soldier.
He lost his mind and memory...
He works for me.
The war became the history...
The trains were passing through the station in time...
expresses, cargo trains
Only one, he did not see and did not remember ...
He knew nothing, not even himself ...
(Fyodor Nikitin)
- I am sergeant Filimonov ...
Where are my boots?
I had a wife!
wife ... wife ...
(Lyudmila Semenova)
in St. Petersburg ...
where his wife, his house ...
Long live the Soviet Revolution
throughout the world!!!
Where is Petersburg?
Where did I come to? ..
I don't understand ...
- How do I find my wife?
- Wherever shall I go? ..
The bureau of registration
Name: Nataly Filimonova
Place of birth: Moscow
Year of birth: 03.11.1894
Present address: Unknown
to the master,
he remembers me,
he explained.
- I'm at your your mercy, sir!
- Well, what did you come for?
(V. Viskovsky)
- Don't you remember?
I have worked for you from the tenth
up to the fourteenth year ...
- The factory isn't mine now.
Go to Fabkom.
- boss?
master, do something!
- Destroyed ...
robbed ...
The factory isn't mine now.
- There's no need, you don't have to.
Now we are all equal.
Her husband,
a culture worker.
(Valery Solovtsov)
- Look at your wives.
- They are exhausted by kitchen work
and everyday worries
- Look at your wives, friends.
Is it difficult to find?
No, it is easy!
All you need is wish it!
- I have three days
looking for a wife ...
I think ...
lost? ..
- You're annoying me
Report! Who are you?
- have pity, say,
I want to find Mr. Fabkoma ...
Where is he?
- He is drunk,
or crazy.
- I like you.
let's search?
- Have pity,
Mr. Fabkom.
- Well, tell ...
- Now you will live like a real man.
- Will work,
dormitory ...
- It is with all my respect:
Thank you,
Mr. Fabkom ...
- Excuse me, sir,
if you do not say ...
(???)- What we bar?
if you do not know,
us, the rotten article?
- As for the revolution
Here, look, brothers.
I was a soldier too.
Sergeant Filimonov again
becomes a worker.
- Look!
what happened?
- Nothing special ...
These guards ...
Guards? Which guards?
Maybe you mean the security department?
- When the fence place?
an outrage!
Are you crazy? Don't complain
or they will sent you away.
- Accustomed?
- exactly so!
- I do not understand
these orders ...
- His director asked him
and he runs like in the old days ...
Who is boss?
- Who is the owner?
- Who is boss?
So who is boss!
- We all! and you, too
are the master!
What are you up to,
- You are no master ...
- Good!
acted as this master!
Sverdlova street, 16
apartment 13
- And yet --
if someone could carry this message...
I read the lectures about a new life,
but at the same moment
my wife became a slave of the kitchen
- the outrage!
even the salt
I cannot! ..
If you don't like it here,
go to your own canteen
- Natasha! .. wife! ...
At last!
to find my wife!
- Long ago?
- Four years ...
- Lyubovinkov
brought it?
The culture of revolution
- Leave this place,
- Leave?
- Oh, that would be ...
wreckage of empire!
- That's it!
- No, not all!
- But we'll work more,
Taras Buevsky
sound editor: Yurij Kotov
Titles and editing:
Marianna Kireeva
Yuri Kotov
Leningrad 1929
VGTRK 1996
End of the film

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